What to Expect as Autumn Arrives


Car Care Products, Autumn, Colder WeatherThe summer months are fading away and as we loom closer and closer to winter, we have the pleasant change of autumn to hold on to. In autumn we get to enjoy the cooler weather, the leaves changing color, and the holiday spirit in the air arriving.  Some of these changes can tarnish the look of your car. Being prepared and knowing what to expect is key in keeping your car as cheerful as the upcoming holidays.

Preparing for the Season:

As we always recommend, you should properly prepare for what mother nature is bound to throw at you. Knowing that the upcoming months are riddled with rain, higher winds, debris and leaves in the air, it’s smart to coat your car with a highly durable sealant. This will protect the paint on your car so that when you’re ready to clean your car, it won’t be such a hassle. And if you’re the kind of person that loves a shine, layer a wax on top and get the look you’re searching for.

Rain and Water Spots:

Rain is a nice commodity that comes after the beating heat of the summer. However, that same rain is leaving all kinds of spots all over your car. Because fall sometimes has inconsistent rain patterns, the rain one day can dirty the car for a beautiful sunny day the next. If your sealant is working properly, then the water spots should come off nicely in a car wash. However, if the spots were sitting on the paint for an extended period of time, or baked in the sun, it can cause a stain that may require a proper paint cleaner or maybe even claying and a buff.

Wind Debris and Leaves:

The combination of wind kicking up dust and knocking off leaves from trees is going to be an unpleasant welcome for the paint on your car. All of the debris in the air that is knocked up has to settle somewhere and it’s going to be on your car.  Again, if your car is properly sealed and waxed this shouldn’t be a problem for an easy car wash. Do not let the leaves settle on your car for too long. The stems of the leaves and the chemicals that give leaves its color can actually cause etching or stains on the paint that would be harder to remove.  Being proactive and gently wiping off the debris from your car on a regular basis is going to prevent you from needing to buff your car and reapply another layer of sealant and wax.

Thought to Keep in Mind:

With every season change it’s always a good idea to tend to your car. A fresh wash,  a clean detail and a brand new application of a sealant and wax.  This will prep your car for the change in weather and elements that will fall on it.  Stay tuned to our blog for future posts such as: How to Deal with the First Snowfall, and Prepping Your Car for Winter Storage.