Protecting Your Paint with a Clear Bra

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In an effort to protect one’s paint, a clear bra is often a valid option. A clear bra is relatively invisible and serves its most basic function: protecting the paint from chipping. However, are clear bras worth the money? I’ll spell out some important questions and allow you to make that decision for yourself.

What Gets Covered:

When looking to protect your paint, it’s important to determine the areas which you’d like to cover the most. The more common clear bras kits cover portions of the hood, front bumper, the mirrors and lower fascia. You can additional rocker panels, door panels, lights, and full hood.  Again, this is all determined based on your desired level of protection. The more you get covered, the more expensive it’s going to be.

The Cost: 

One of the most common questions regarding clear bras is of course, the cost.  The answer to this question is slightly vague and I’ll tell you why.  The cost is determined by the brand your choose, the type of car/trim you have, the installer you choose, and the amount of coverage you’d like. If you have a popular car with stock trim, you may be looking in the $300-$500 range for cost in product and professional application. If you have a special body kit or a more rare car, you’re looking into the $1000-$2000 range.   These prices are completely dependent on the brand you go with.

The Brand:

You’d be smart to do your research in determining which brands work best. This will help ensure the durability and effectiveness of the bra as well as the ability to stay clear.  If you’re deciding to make some cost cutting solutions and go with a cheaper brand, you’re going to end up with thin paint protection film (ppf) that doesn’t protect much and is going to eventually fade into a yellowish color that looks very unattractive. Furthermore, there could be bubbles that occur if the application is done incorrect. Higher quality material will be clear for its lifespan and is going to be thick enough to provide your car with proper protection from road debris.  Some vinyl brands and installers include warranties that will protect the longevity of your clear bra.

The Look:

A clear bra is what it sounds like. It’s clear. However, not necessarily invisible. When standing at a distance farther than 10ft, you probably will not see anything there. Great! That’s the point. On the other hand, inside that 10ft it may be noticeable. But that’s the trade off for your paint protection. One way to ensure that the bra is as clear as possible is again to go with a high quality brand. Furthermore, get a proper professional to have it done. A dealer is one option, although they may just have it outsourced. The other option is to find a shop that does the local high end cars. If they trust them, you probably can too.


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