A Monthly Fruit Basket…For Your Car

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With a simple monthly fee you can get a box of just about anything from fruit and wine, to car care products. But if you’re really considering paying monthly to get a box of samples, you’ll want to know just what you’re getting into.

The What, The Why, The How:

Recently taking off over the past year has been the idea of paying to get samples of top tier car care products to test out.  The idea came about because reading reviews only gets you so far. Getting your hands on a product is what many car enthusiasts want. So every month you’ll pay a subscription of less than $20; and the same week of every month, you get a box of sample products from companies like us, Dr. Beasley’s.

Subscription, in this context, is a lose term, because you don’t have to be locked into any type of agreement. You can pay monthly or get a reduced rate if you pay for a longer subscription.  This allows the box to be perfect for people who are skeptical as well as great gift ideas.

The sample boxes allow you to test out a variety of products as the companies tend not to send out the same product in consecutive boxes. You’ll always try something new. Another benefit is subscriber discounts. By paying for a subscription either in the box or on their website you’ll get discounts for full size products. That way, if you really liked the poly sealant you tried, you can get the full product for less than retail price.

The Who and The Where:

Waxybox, car care sample box

A UK only distributing company that has just shipped out its anniversary 12th box. They have a great following and are continuing to grow.

In their box you’ll get 5 sample products from industry leading companies, 15ml Development Wax, Detailing Accessories, Waxybox Goodies, and Discounts to their online store. WaxyBox charges  £15, not including shipping. If you sign up for a 3 month subscription you can reduce the price further.

For Waxybox’s 12th box, we included our very own Finishing Glaze 2oz. sample.

Detail Box, Car Care Sample Box

The Detail Box is a brand new company that just sent out its very first box. They distribute only to the United States and have a similar set-up to WaxyBox.  

In their box you’ll receive 3-4 sample products from industry leading companies for roughly $9 a month. Shipping is not included for the first month, however, shipping is free there after if you continue your subscription. Continually, there will often times be discounts included in the box for full products.

For The Detail Box, we have included our Tire Conditioner 2oz. sample.


We here at Dr. Beasley’s are happy to be a part of these new and exciting companies. It’s a great idea and car enthusiasts should jump at the opportunity to try these. Not to mention if you’re looking for a gift for your friend who loves their Honda Civic just a tad too much.  We recommend you looking into these companies, although you won’t get your entire car detailed with the use of each box, it will help you understand just what you’ll need when getting ready to purchase.


If you already subscribe to either of these, we’d love to see some pictures. So send them our way  with Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook; just tag us @drbeasleys!