A Contract That REQUIRES $10,000 Worth of Detailing EVERY Year

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In the world of expenses, budgeting, and luxury items, we’re all on different scales. ¬†Everybody has expenses and everyone should be budgeting. However, luxury is relative. For me, a luxury purchase is a few pairs of Levi’s every year. On the other hand, some choose to treat themselves to a Bugatti super car.

We got wind of a rumor that among many other expenses beyond the payment of the >$1 Million car, is the signed contract upon such purchase that requires a strict yearly detail regimen. A regimen that will cost in the range of $10,000 every year.

Although there are articles and forums stating that this is true and I haven’t been able to find specifics of the contracts from Bugatti themselves, it’s an impressive investment nonetheless.

First off, let me state that I’m not even sure what $10,000 worth of detailing every year would entail. Furthermore, how do they monitor that? You surely don’t want to be buffing your car every month; and a concourse detail seems a little over the top considering the use of these cars. I mean they aren’t going to be carpooling to and from children’s soccer practice in a Bugatti.


The thought is that if a company is going to be releasing cars onto the streets that have the ability to go +250 mph and gobble up 26.4 gallons of gas in 10 minutes; those cars better look good. I agree. It’s disheartening to see a brand new Ferrari with deep water spots, overspray and chips in the paint. Take care of your car people! Regardless, that fact that spending $10,000 on yearly detailing is inscribed in the contract is mind boggling.

A few of the other costs that go along with purchasing a Bugatti here in the United States: $40,000 shipping cost to the US, $20,000 annual maintenance, and $50,000 for new tires and wheels at given mileage increments. These are rough numbers let me remind you, but anywho, if you have the money for a Bugatti, you probably aren’t too worried about your yearly bills. ¬†The main issue that will come with owning a car like this is going to be getting it insured. My bet is that most companies won’t even touch it, while if you do find one that will, it’s not going to be cheap.

Clearly I don’t own one, I don’t even know someone who does. However, if you do, help us shed some light on the rumor. Comment on our blog or tweet us @drbeasleys.