How To Maintain Matte Paint Between Washes

 Touch-up Matte Paint, Matte Spray Cleaner

We here at Behind the Detail and Dr. Beasley’s get a lot of comments, questions, and concerns regarding taking care of Matte Paint between washes. There shouldn’t be, but there still seems to be a lot of fear floating around regarding matte paint care.

While we get a lot of questions regarding matte paint care, the main one is this: Is there a way to keep a matte car clean between washes?

To address this question properly, I first need to stress the importance of sealing your matte surface with matte paint protectant.  By doing this every 6 months or so, you’ll make cleaning your car a lot easier.

In order to maintain your car between washes, you’ll need to get a wax and silicon free touch-up spray. This is a quick and easy way to get soft contaminants off of your car. Such contaminants include fresh water spots and bird droppings, finger prints, and dust.  This is a bottle that you should keep in your car with a microfiber cloth. When you see something on your car, act promptly and remove it with your new products at your earliest convenience.

Author’s Note: Dr. Beasley’s Matte Final Finish is designed as a touch-up/detailing spray and should be used as a spot cleaner. it is unnecessary to coat the entire car with the product after washing/sealing it. 

These are some FAQ’s that we deal with on a regular basis:  

– What happens if a bird craps on my car while I’m driving? Do I need to pull over right away and clean it? If it sits there, do I need to wash my whole car?

– Of course not, your car should be sealed, and if that’s the case there’s no need to panic. Whenever you get to your destination, or spot it, just whip out your touch-up spray and a microfiber cloth. That’ll do the trick.

– Do I really need to wash my car after each time it rains?

– This depends.  If the car is still wet, simply wipe off the water with a microfiber cloth. If the rain dries and water spots occur, simply wipe up the areas with your matte detailing spray. Most water spots shouldn’t be that difficult to remove as long as the car has been sealed.

If you are dealing with some stubborn water spots that have been baked in by the sun, you’ll need a tougher cleanser for matte paint. Otherwise, keeping a touch-up spray bottle and a microfiber cloth in your car at all times can be real handy. As always, we’re available here in the comments and on Twitter for your questions and comments.  Follow us @drbeasleys on all major platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.