Dr. Beasley’s InstaDiagnosis (Instagram’s new Direct Message Feature)

Dr. Beasley's Instagram

Instagram just updated their program for mobile devices. OK, got it. We’ve all seen it, so what? Well Behind the Detail with Dr. Beasley’s is starting the InstaDiagnosis service for all of you with questions in regard to your car. Let me explain.

Saturday afternoon you’re driving your car after that rain downpour and you just noticed some splotches on the paint that weren’t there before. Don’t know what to do? How about you have some tree sap that won’t come out even though you’ve used every product in your garage? Feeling defeated? Don’t.

See here’s what we’re proposing to you. Take a picture of the issue. If it’s a small issue, make sure to get a clear close-up shot in a picture. Send us a direct message on Instagram @drbeasleys with an explanation of what’s happening.  We’ll do our absolute very best to get back to you as soon as humanly possible with an answer on steps and best products to use.  If, however, you have a big problem involving lots of steps, expect a response that would lead to a follow up e-mail for a necessary more detailed explanation.

So try us out. Send us a picture of that issue that’s been pestering you for weeks, months, years. Let us help.