The New Un-Cleanable Auto Interior…

Recently there have been rumors floating around about a new type of interior material that cannot be cleaned.  This happens occasionally in our industry – a new material surfaces and everyone freaks out calling it un-cleanable or detail-proof. But we don’t like to think that way. So what does this mean for us as detailers? Research and development.

There’s almost no information out right now on this new material. The little that we do know is that it comes in some of the new Toyotas.  It seems to be a faux-leather/vinyl type upholstery material found on seats and dashes. A few detailers we know had to work to get some stains out for a customer, but all the normal cleaning chemicals they used produced more stains and damaged the material. Of course Toyota never released anything on what this new interior is or how to clean it. It sounds oddly similar to when OEMs started offering matte paint as an option but never released proper cleaning methods.

Given this new material and it’s seemingly “un-cleanable” surface, our minds jump right to protection. “Alright, if we can’t clean it, we must some how protect it.”

But either way, there needs to be some research, development, and testing happening. We’re very interested to hear if you’ve had to deal with this yet. If you have, please feel free to begin a discussion while we we all work to improve the industry.




  • JJDetailing

    Jim, It’s my understanding that the new interior from Toyota is able to be cleaned, but it’s also my understanding that anything more than soap and water is a recipe for a new interior!