How to Get Your Woodie to Properly Shine

Woodie Wagon at SEMA 2013

As detailers we are always being challenged to think in new ways. When a new job comes in, one course of action doesn’t always work on every car. So we have to analyze and assess the proper steps for each individual vehicle. This was the case when our friends over at Shiner’s Auto Detailing in California got their hands on a couple of 1950’s Woodie Wagons!

This may be the first time he’s ever detailed a car with real wood on the panels, but you wouldn’t know it by the finished result. After a sealant was applied, the car wasn’t done. The wood needed a softer, smoother shine and that’s when he introduced Ivory Carnauba Wax. “The buff off was like butter and gave the wood a softer shine,” said Shiner’s in an article he wrote about the experience.

The results were spectacular. Check out the process for yourself over at Renny Doyle’s Detailing Success Blog.