Dr. Beasley’s Releases Leather Lock: A Leather Protectant Product

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Leather used to be one of the features of a car that defined luxury. It screamed class and sophistication while it provided a whole new type of comfort. That is until the leather starts to crack and fade. Fortunately there have already been products developed to keep leather from cracking and fading called leather conditioners. They moisturize the leather and keep them from wearing out. What leather conditioner does not do is protect. Enter Leather Lock. Leather Lock is designed to protect leather from all those common and not so common mishaps that occur. It is designed to provide a porous protective barrier that will bead up that iced coffee that just spilled while you were driving yet still allowing the leather to breath. It truly is the pinnacle in leather care products.

We’ve covered cleaning and conditioning leather before; but we haven’t talked about leather protection yet. So why is it important to protect leather? 

About this time you’re probably thinking that this is irrelevant because your car has “Top Coated Leather”. But you would be wrong. Yes Top Coated Leather has some protective qualities that make it ideal for automobile use because it resists wear characteristics and simple scratches. Yes it’s protective but it does lack some attributes.

Particularly when it comes to cars and interiors we are subject to spills, dirt, and other kinds of contaminants coming in contact with it. Leather Lock is first and foremost a sealant that utilizes fluoroploymers to produce a hydrophobic barrier on leather surfaces, forcing water, oil, and alcohol to simply bead up rather than being absorbed into the leather. The difference between a sealant for paint and a sealant for leather is that leather needs to breath. So beyond the fact that a sealant can provide beading properties to repel contaminants, if leather can’t breath then it will dry out. The sealant has to be porous enough to allow air to penetrate the leather but nothing else.

Being consumers and being detailers, we’re all about convenience. So how often should I protect the leather and how?

Leather lock is made to work with your leather conditioner. They layer nicely so you can revitalize leather while also protecting it. Leather Lock is formulated to last a year. Its durable capabilities mean that it won’t rub off due to the abrasions from everyday use. Continuing to recondition the leather will not affect the longevity of Leather Lock either.

According to statistics, more people would rather have their interiors looking nice than the exterior. So why should you buy Leather Lock?

Weather your working on real leather, top coated leather, fake leather or vinyl, Leather Lock will provide that barrier of protection that puts your mind at ease. We say it over and over again, detailing is all about protection. Protection to make cleaning and correction less invasive and more successful.