Patina Paint Care: ICON 4×4 and eGarage

ICON Trucks

A couple of weeks ago we posted an article about Dr. Beasley’s partnership with ICON 4×4. This week eGarage posted a video about ICON and Jonathan Ward’s story behind these beautiful machines. Instead of blushing over these amazing vehicles…AGAIN, I want to dig a little deeper into the paint finishes.

Powder Coated Matte Finishes

Powder Coating isn’t a new technique, but it is a long way away from being the main car painting technique. Currently powder coating is the main source in painting matte bicycle frames and car wheels.

Powder Coating a surface provides a more durable and even paint job. All of ICON’s production vehicles are painted with powder coated finishes, many of which are matte.

These paint finishes are most common on ICON trucks and the perfect surface to use the Matte Paint Prescription.

For more information on powder coating, please visit our article, “What is Powder Coating?

The ICON Derelicts’ Patina Finish

The Derelicts by ICON are an extraordinary group of vehicles! The idea is that they (or a customer) finds a old classic car with an amazing patina finish that just couldn’t be replicated. Then ICON strips the body from the frame and rebuilds the chassis. Then with all new components and technology, the original body is replaced onto the frame.

The idea was to keep the look of a beautiful (maybe neglected) gem and make it reliable and comfortable to drive everyday.

These vehicles are so broadly interpreted by the public that it enhances the overall feeling of owning one. On any given block you might get the 45 year old woman feeling sorry for you because you haven’t gotten a new car in 30 years.  Or you get the 55 year old mechanic that just relishes the beauty he sees.

A car like this is beautiful because it was made and it wasn’t made. Its seasoned look from mother nature makes each patina unique and invaluable. Having ICON rebuild it for you allows you safely and effectively drive it for 20 more years. Now that the framework and mechanics of the car will last, how do we preserve the paint?

How is Caring for a Patina Different?

A patina finish is likely old single stage paint that has been beaten by the weather, causing fading, damage, and maybe even rusting. The trick is going to keep it from being beaten to a point of no restoration.

Patina is not shiny, so don’t use any waxes or silicones that might change the look. That’s the last thing you want to do with an old gem like these. Use matte specific products like the Matte Paint Coating to protect it from further fading.

Note: Because these finishes are fragile, you may need to reapply the coating a little more often than you would a new paint finish.

The other option is to clear coat your patina finish to give it more durability and protection. I personally think this a great idea. However, it may not last very long. But if you can afford a few hundred dollars every so often, this will definitely be a great option. Remember to make it a matte clear coat as to not add any shine to the finish. Then of course care for the newly coated finish with matte safe products.

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The Derelicts a short film by eGarage from eGarage on Vimeo.