A Sea of Exotic Supercars! Video Included

Group of FerrarisIt’s not everyday that we find ourselves engulfed in millions of dollars worth of cars in one space. Luckily we found ourselves in one of those situations last Saturday. An event called Supercar Saturdays is hosted once a month in various parts of Chicagoland in the spring and summer months. Hundreds of cars and even more enthusiasts gather to see supercars of every make, model, and year including brand new Lamborghinis and custom builds.

This past month the event was sponsored by Aesthetic Detail who gave a presentation about proper detailing and care for cars. It was a blast to be out in the sunny 60 degree weather and surrounded by so many like-minded people that just thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and can appreciate a nice ride when they see it.

Be sure to check out the event for yourself!


My favorite car of the show was a 2013 Morgan 3 Wheeler! The owner has taken this car around the world and back again to be entered in (and win) car shows. With a nice custom burgundy interior with wheels to match and sleek grey paint made this car a dime in the midst of exotic conformity.

If you went or have thoughts on the event, please let us know what you think! We’re always excited to be a part of it each year and this first event of the season was not disappointing! As they say, “It never rains on Supercar Saturdays!”