Driving Gloves: For Style or Protection?


We’ve all seen movies where a bad ass guy owns a little porsche. As he’s walking up to the car, he pulls out his leather gloves and steps inside. But why?

Sure some people think that when you drive fast you need better control of the steering wheel, while other more practical people think it’s for the protection of the steering wheel.  Either way, does the reason, or the car you drive affect whether or not you look super pretentious? I say not.

Nowadays we have steering wheels with nice wood or leather and some with microsuede. Either way, no one wants the steering wheel faded or ruined.  So either you detail your car and take care of the proper surfaces (microsuede can be tough), or you’re replacing the steering wheel every couple years to keep that luxurious look.

Leather and Wood steering wheel’s aren’t tough to clean as long as you stay on top of it.  There are products floating around everywhere to clean and protect those surfaces.  Microsuede is newer, but there are products available.  But you want to be proactive to resist pilling and stiffness.

Regardless, no matter the car I own, I’m not getting in a car with driving gloves unless it’s Halloween and I’m Ryan Gosling in Drive.

So take your stance. Own it. Driving gloves or not. Maintenance or not.


  • Nathalie Martin

    OK i must say i agree a tiny bit with you on guys vs gloves issue 🙂 but hey there are some pretty sex driving gloves for women which will make ladies look that little bit more fabulous

    Nat x