Harley Davidson Project LiveWire: Electric Motorcycle (Video)

Electric, Motorcycle, LiveWire, Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is on a mission to reach a new demographic, a young and earth conscientious demographic with the potential release of an brand new electric motorcycle. It’s an exciting time and they are doing all the right things.  They are taking the bike around the country and getting feedback from dealerships and customers on the concept and the bike itself of course. They’re hoping in the process of showcasing it around the world they can see if there’s enough interest, accept constructive criticism, and get ideas on an acceptable price point.  If Harley Davidson can make the concept of an electric motorcycle buzz, that’s very promising for a an electric future.


With a moderately cool, but very informative display screen, tap a couple of buttons like “Range” or “Power” and then “Start” and you’re on your way.

Arguably the coolest feature is the sound this bike emits.  Its single gear, sleek (and slightly intimidating) design revs out to a jet turbine like sound! It’s different, there’s no doubt about it. There are no gears to shift but the sound is anything but silent and considerate to your neighbors.

The motor is pushing out about 74 horsepower and 52 foot-pounds of torque which is more than respectable. According to Cycle World who got a first had look and test ride says that it’s overwhelmingly accepted by the crew. It looks and rides like a normal motorcycle and it doesn’t sacrifice anywhere (except for fuel consumption).

Although there aren’t many specs on the battery itself, the fact that after test runs and putting it to some peak performance, the battery had plenty of juice left. And with only 3 1/2 hours of charging time, I can’t complain.


The design is simply impressive. It’s a new look for a new branch of Harley Davidson motorcycles. The front end with the headlight, handlebars, mirrors and fork is in my opinion the best part! It’s futuristic with an sporty style that doesn’t say, “Weeeeeeee, I’m saving the environment!”. Instead, it says, “Boom! I go fast. Yes, I like my motorcycles, and yes, it’s electric. Get at me!”. Electric, Motorcycle, LiveWire, Harley Davidson

Without the engine to highlight in chrome and cool lines, they still manage to make the body of the bike look cool. They highlighted the motor on the underside of they bike and surrounded it with the frame and black cover pieces to keep the guts concealed. They did a good job, but it does look a little too plastic if you ask me. However, according to the test ride, it is a very solid build.


What are your thoughts on Harley Davidson’s Project LiveWire electric motorcycle? We’d love to hear from you.

Electric, Motorcycle, LiveWire, Harley Davidson


Photos from Jalopnik and Video from Cycle World