Tom’s Challenger Hellcat

Even though we’re recommended for matte paint care in the Dodge Challenger Hellcat TSB, Tom was using other brands to care for his matte accented beast. Unsurprisingly, he was dissatisfied with the results. He loves his 2016 Challenger Hellcat and wants her treated right, so he came to us.


He reached out to us after receiving his order from our website to share his experience with Dr. Beasley’s. Tom was psyched to get a free sample with his order and loved the stickers we included. He sent us a few photos of his bold and bright Go Mango Challenger Hellcat after caring for it with our products.

Our matte products are safe to use on glossy paint too, so a matte accented car doesn’t need to be taped off to be cleaned and protected.

Bright History

Go Mango was used in the 1970’s on the Challenger and then again in 2006 as an option for the Charger. It’s available again for the Challenger Hellcat and we can definitely see why.

This color is bold, eye catching, and looks even more bad ass when combined with matte accents. Go Mango is just one of the many bright colors offered for the Hellcat.

Challenger Hellcat

Go Mango Challenger Hellcat

Challenger Hellcat Engine

Matte Paint Care with Dodge Challenger Hellcat


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