Glass Serum: New & Improved

windshield protection

Driving through rain, snow, sleet, and other stormy weather can be dangerous and scary. Visibility decreases, street lights look blurry, and your windshield fogs up. You can crank up your wipers, but that won’t do anything for the fog or the blur.

Even when it’s not stormy contaminants are still hitting and sticking to your windshield. The glass becomes splotchy, uneven, etched, and generally dirty. You can try to keep contaminants in check with regular cleaning, or you can apply a nano coating to your windshield.

Glass Serum is to glass what Nano Resin is to paint. Glass Serum creates an extremely hydrophobic barrier on your glass to keep water, snow, and ice moving off while you’re driving.

At speeds of 30 mph and above, you won’t even need your wipers. Dirt won’t be able to stick to your glass and muck it up because Glass Serum prevents contaminant buildup.

This product makes driving safer and easier as it increases visibility. Instead of sitting on your windshield and etching, rain water acts as a cleaner. It moves the water off your glass and contaminants come with it.

Application is easy. Clean your glass with an ammonia-free cleanser and wipe the surface with diluted isopropyl alcohol. Put a few drops of Glass Serum on the suede cloth that surrounds your foam block applicator, and apply the coating in a crosshatch pattern.

You’ll see it flashing off and it looks beautiful. Let the product dwell on the glass for ~10 minutes and then wipe it off with a microfiber. That’s it, you’re done. Just like Nano Resin, Glass Serum needs to be on your car for 7 days before you wash the vehicle.

A single 1oz bottle of Glass Serum can protect 2-3 cars (not just windshields – all the windows) and will keep your glass hydrophobic, clean, scratch, and fog resistant for up to 3 years before reapplication is necessary.