Ford Raptor Protected with Nano Resin

ford raptor grill

This insanely huge Ford Raptor was protected with Dr. Beasley’s Nano Resin. The entire truck was clayed, polished, and wiped with an isopropyl alcohol solution in preparation for the application of our nano coating.

This Raptor is enormous and menacing, but the cool gray paint still needs protection. Now it’s got 3 years of protection from staining, fading, and etching. The paint is now scratch resistant and will bead water fantastically.

Sitting in this truck is akin to sitting on top of the world. Being based in Chicago, we don’t see a ton of daily driven pick up trucks, so this Ford Raptor was an awesome change of pace. Look at these photos:

ford raptor head on

ford raptor tire

ford f-150

ford f-150 raptor


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