Tire Conditioner vs. Matte Tire Conditioner: Which One?

tire conditioner

Tire Conditioner has been a Dr. Beasley’s best seller since its debut. It restores faded tires while simultaneously protecting them from future UV damage. It’s easy to use, doesn’t sling, and it’s a fun bright blue color.

Concentrated & Thick

We improved Tire Conditioner’s formula to make it thicker and more concentrated, and then we put it in an 8oz tube to enhance user experience. The tubes are easier to handle than a 12oz bottle, and the thicker formula means an incredibly precise application.

sling-free tire conditioner


More recently, we released Matte Tire Conditioner. This product is different from the original Tire Conditioner for a plethora of reasons.

Matte Tire Conditioner contains no silicone. Why does that matter, you might wonder? Well, silicone is great for tires because it creates shine. However, on matte wheels or matte cars, shine is to be avoided like the plague.

We wanted to be sure that in the event that Matte Tire Conditioner came in contact with the matte paint of the wheel or body of the car, no harm would be done. In this same vein, we made Matte Tire Conditioner without any fun blue coloring; it’s clear.

Your Tires

Now that the differences between the two products are clear, which one is right for YOU? Well, that depends. If you have a matte painted/wrapped vehicle or one with matte wheels, you want Matte Tire Conditioner. But what if you don’t have any matte on your car, but you’re just not into shiny tires? Use Matte Tire Conditioner.

It restores and protects just like original TC, but its lack of silicone produces a different look on the tire. With regular TC, you can add more product to get more shine. With MTC, the tires will be conditioned but they’ll stay flat, deep, black.

Matte Tire Conditioner also comes in an 8oz tube and is thick and concentrated for ease of use and efficiency. Both regular Tire Conditioner and the matte version are formulated to make a little bit of product go a long way. In fact, about 1/2 an ounce of either conditioner will restore and protect a whole tire.

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Bottom Line

If you prefer a matte look on your tires, if you have a matte vehicle, or if your wheels are matte, go with Matte Tire Conditioner. If you like the idea of being able to adjust the shine level on your tires, if you have glossy paint/wheels, or if blue if your favorite color, go with Tire Conditioner.