FAQs on Some of Dr. Beasley’s Best Sellers

Dr. Beasley's


Matte Paint Prescription

  • What’s in the kit?
    • The kit includes Matte Body Wash, Matte Paint Cleanser, Matte Final Finish, Matte Paint Coating, and optional accessories.
  • Why should I use Dr. Beasley’s matte products when there are other cheaper alternatives?
    • Audi, Chrysler, and Hyundai all tested our matte products against our competitors and chose Dr. Beasley’s. Our products are premium, handcrafted, and incredibly effective.  
  • Does the cleanser remove the coating?
    • Yes, Matte Paint Cleanser does remove Matte Paint Coating. Be sure to re-apply the coating after using the cleanser.
  • Does Matte Final Finish remove the coating?
    • No. Matte Final Finish will not remove Matte Paint Coating. 
  • How often should I apply Matte Paint Coating?
    • This product should be applied every 6 months if your matte car is driven daily, and every year if your car spends more time in the garage than on the road. 
  • My car is not totally matte. Can I use these products on the glossy parts? 
    • All of our matte products are compatible with glossy paint, there just won’t be any shine added. Your glossy paint will not be damaged by our matte products. 


Nano Resin

  • How should I prep for Nano Resin?
    • Nano requires a full paintwork correction prior to application. You’ll clay, polish, and wipe your vehicle down with an IPA solution before the coating goes on.
  • How long does this coating last?
    • This product will last 2 years for cars that are driven daily and 3 years for cars that spend a lot of time in the garage. Additionally, if you live in an area with an extreme climate, re-apply Nano Resin every 2 years just to be safe. 
  • How many layers should I apply?
    • You only need ONE layer of this coating to protect your car. Adding more layers won’t hurt anything, but it won’t add any protection either. 
  • Can I put other products on top of Nano Resin after it’s cured?
    • Absolutely! Wait 1 week after applying Nano to use AdvanceCoat: Gloss. This maintenance spray will extend the life of the coating while adding shine and hydrophobic properties. 
  • Can I apply Nano Resin on glass, plastic, or other non-paint surfaces? 
    • This coating is designed to bond to paint. While it won’t harm other surfaces, it won’t work as well as it does on paint. 



  • How should I prep for PlasmaCoat?
    • Wash your car, rinse it, and dry it. A paintwork correction is ideal, but not necessary for this product to bond. 
  • How long does this coating last?
    • PlasmaCoat lasts 1-2 years depending on how often the car is driven and the climate in which it’s driven. If you live somewhere like Chicago (harsh winters/road salt, hot summers), apply PlasmaCoat annually. 
  • Can I put wax on top of PlasmaCoat?
    • Yes. This coating produces its own deep, warm gloss but adding a wax on top won’t hurt anything. 
  • Can I use PlasmaCoat and Formula 1201 together?
    • You can, but you don’t need to. Using these coatings together won’t enhance the protective properties. If you were to use them together, use 1201 first and then Plasma. 
  • Does this work on glass, plastic, or other non-paint surfaces?
    • PlasmaCoat bonds to paint and metal. Avoid using it on glass. It won’t harm surfaces like plastic, but it works best on paint. 


Formula 1201

  • How should I prep for Formula 1201?
    • Wash your car, rinse it, and leave it wet. Keep a spray bottle full of water on hand to re-wet panels as needed. 
  • What’s the difference between 1201 and PlasmaCoat?
    • Both coatings bond instantly and protect for 1-2 years. Formula 1201’s application is faster because it’s a liquid and it also uses water. PlasmaCoat is in the form of a paste/gel and contains no harsh chemicals.  
  • How long does this coating last?
    • 1-2 years. Re-apply every year if your car is a daily driver and/or you live in an extreme climate. 
  • Why does my car need to be wet to apply this product?
    • Formula 1201 uses water as carrier, so without water the product will not bond properly. 



  • Will Dr. Beasley’s Neutra-Scent remove the smell of vomit from my car?
    • Yes. Neutra-Scent will remove organic malodors such as puke, spilt food/drink, sweat, urine, and other gross smells. 
  • How should I apply it?
    • This product works best on fabric. Spray it directly on the smelly area and let it sit. That’s it!
  • Does this product have its own scent?
    • No. Neutra-Scent removes bad smells and leaves nothing behind. 
  • How much do I need to de-odorize a whole car?
    • A 12oz bottle will work for a sedan and a 32oz should be used for anything larger. 


Glass IQ

  • Do I need to let Glass IQ cure on the glass?
    • No. Glass IQ is a quick spray and wipe product. 
  • Can I use this product on the insides and outsides of my windows?
    • Yes. It will bead water off the outside of your windshield and keep smudges/fingerprints off the inside. 
  • What happened to Dr. Beasley’s Glass Waxx? 
    • Glass Waxx became Glass IQ. The directions and benefits are the same. 
  • How often should I apply Glass IQ?
    • This product can be applied as often as you’d like (use it to regularly clean glass). 


Fine Leather Prescription

  • What’s in the kit?
    • Fine Leather Prescription includes Fine Leather Cleanser, Opti-Leather Cleanser, Leather Cream, and Leather Lock. 
  • What’s the difference between Fine Leather Cleanser and Opti-Leather Cleanser?
    • Fine Leather removes sweat, food, and drink stains. It’s great for regular cleaning. Opti-Leather removes pen ink, jean dye, and other hard stains. It’s for spot cleaning. 
  • How long does Dr. Beasley’s Leather Lock last?
    • Re-apply Leather Lock every 6 months on the whole car and every 4 months on the driver’s seat/steering wheel. 
  • Do these products work on perforated leather?
    • Yes!
  • Do these products work on vinyl?
    • Yes!


Microsuede Cleanser 

  • Will this product remove food/drink stains?
    • Yes. Microsuede Cleanser removes sweat, food, drink, and other organic messes. 
  • Does Microsuede Cleanser work on Alcantara?
    • Yes. This product is suitable for use on alcantara, dinamica, ultrasuede, and all other faux-suedes. 
  • Can I use this product on my faux suede couch?
    • Yes. Get a 12oz bottle for a couch. 
  • Will Dr. Beasley’s Microsuede Cleanser remove pen ink stains?

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