Crystal Clear Glass: The Breakdown from Dr. Beasley’s

You may have noticed Dr. Beasley’s has recently released a few different glass products. We’re going to lay out the differences and uses of each product to make everything clear for our awesome customers. Achieve crystal clear glass!

Glass IQ

This product is great for frequent/every day use. It’s a cleaner and a light protectant. It’s also suitable for interior and exterior glass surfaces. You can use Glass IQ on technological displays as well, like phone screens, flat screen TVs, the GPS screen in your car, or a camera display.

It removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, and prevents these contaminants from coming back. It also means crystal clear glass. It also leave a nice hydrophobic layer on the glass. Glass IQ can be applied as often as you’d like, but we recommend a reapplication every 6 months at minimum. 

crystal clear glass

lcd screen cleaner

Glass Serum 

This nano coating is all about hydrophobicity and beading. It’s semi permanent, so unlike Glass IQ, Glass Serum can lasts up to 3 years. That means water dancing off your windshield for up to 3 years!

Application is easy; just clean your glass, use Glass Coating Prep, and then apply Glass Serum with a foam block applicator. Using a cross hatch pattern (just like the one we use to apply Nano Resin) ensures full coverage.

You’ll see the product start to flash off the glass and then you’ll know it’s time to wipe the glass down. Glass Serum is suitable for exterior glass surfaces and a 1oz bottle protects 2-3 cars. This product is available individually or in a kit.


glass care kit for cars

Glass Serum Pro

Formulated for professionals, this coating is permanent. Once you apply it to your exterior glass surfaces, they’ll bead and glow forever. Glass Serum Pro’s application is certainly the most detailed of the three glass products, as it requires a machine buffer. That’s why we’re offering it to professionals; not every detailing enthusiast has a machine buffer at home, but all professional detailers have a collection of buffers.

To apply Glass Serum Pro, you’ll clean your glass and go over everything with Glass Coating Prep. Then you’ll spray use the entire 15ml bottle on your glass, spraying the coating on and then spreading it evenly with a foam block applicator. After a short time, the product will begin drying on the glass. This is good.

After everything is dry, you’ll get it all wet again with a hose for about 30 seconds. Then the machine buffer comes in; with closed cell pad, buff the glass to remove excess product. You’ll have crystal clear glass with a beautiful glow. Glass Serum Pro comes in a kit and one kit protects one car. 


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