Paint Coating, Gloss, Dr. Beasley’s, & Paddock Detailing

We’re matte paint care experts… but that doesn’t mean we don’t love gloss too! Few things are more satisfying than bringing a swirled, dulled, faded car back to life with a paint work correction. Topping off all that corrective work with a nano coating and sealing in all the perfect gloss is a really special feeling.

Nano Resin Paint Coating

Nano Resin turns up the gloss. It’s affordable and easy to apply. Paddock Detailing in Istanbul, Turkey takes excellent photos. They frequently tag us in their Instagram posts because they frequently use Nano Resin to protect cars! 

Look at this beautiful candy apple red Alfa Romeo protected by Paddock Detailing with Dr. Beasley’s Nano Resin paint coating. Click to see all the photos:


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