Product Testing With Dr. Beasley’s: Quality Matters

product testing

Formulating products from scratch is no easy feat. Sometimes we get lucky; we have a product concept, we test a formulation over a period of time, we love the results, and we get the formula into production. Then the product goes up for sale on our website. 

There are other times however, that the product testing process is arduous and drawn out. We’re okay with that. We will gladly test and re-test formulations over and over again to ensure that our customers are getting only the best quality. 

The Process

In the case of our new product Glass Serum Pro, we went through rounds upon rounds of testing and reformulating until we reached the final product. Glass Serum Pro is a permanent coating for exterior glass surfaces. It makes your windshield extremely hydrophobic, so it basically beads and moves water forever. 

Obviously we wanted Glass Serum Pro (GSP) to be a clear, liquid product because it’s going on glass. Our first attempt was a failure. There were tons of little specs floating around; the formulation we tried created particulate that was settling at the bottom of the bottle.  Unacceptable. We went back to the drawing board. 


After reformulating GSP, we were still seeing white flakes in the bottle so we were still dissatisfied. It took 2 more reformulations to reach the finish line. GSP is crystal clear in the bottle and during application. It easily goes through the tiny sprayer onto exterior glass, and it works like a charm. 

product testing

There’s a great deal of trial and error when creating a new product, and we’re not afraid to keep at it until every formulation meets our insanely high standards. It’s hard work, but it’s incredibly rewarding.

Customers reach out to us to let us know how happy they are with a particular product, and it makes the entire process totally worth it. Let us know which Dr. Beasley’s products are YOUR favorite!