Car Detailing: Professionals & Enthusiasts On Instagram

Car detailing is not for the weak or squeamish. It takes time, elbow grease, commitment, and passion. Bringing a car from gross to gorgeous can be a huge job, but as long as you’ve got the proper training, products, and instinct, you’ll succeed. See photos from our favorite detailing enthusiasts & professionals.

AV Masters Detailing

Located in Moscow, Russia, AV Masters Detailing have a passion for exterior protection. They specialize in bringing paint back to life, and then protecting it from future damage. We love seeing our products used worldwide, especially all the way in Russia! We know Nano-Resin is effective in harsh Chicago weather, but seeing it perform so well in Moscow’s climate is awesome. 


Chuck @ COBB Tuning

Chuck is a car fanatic who takes great photos. He details beautiful vehicles at COBB Tuning, where cars are upgraded for higher performance. They’re passionate about design and speed, making the COBB Tuning garage the coolest place to be in Austin, Texas. 

car detailing classic cars



@m3piotr is one of Dr. Beasley’s favorite Instagram pages for a few reasons. There are an abundance of incredibly beautiful BMW M3 photos.  Piotr’s M3 in particular is frozen black and is cared for with our matte paint care products. The lines and curves of the M3 are highlighted and showcased by the beautiful matte black paint, and the vehicle is very well maintained. Piotr is a dream customer for us because he takes great photos and he always tags us! 

car detailing matte paint


Platinum Mobile Detail

Owner and Founder Robert Santana is a true car lover, so he decided to turn his hobby into his job. Platinum is mobile, so they’ll come to you. You can have your car detailed to the nines without ever leaving your home, and that’s pretty cool. Robert uses exclusively Dr. Beasley’s matte paint care products to clean and protect flat paint and wraps. 


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