ICON 4×4, GO Campaign, & Dr. Beasley’s

Saturday, May 13 2017, Dr. Beasley’s took a trip out to LA to attend GO Campaign’s charity event, Cars & Casino, hosted by our friends at ICON 4×4. 

We’ve been partners with ICON for matte paint care since 2014. All custom matte painted ICON 4×4 vehicles come with Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Prescription kit. ICON also uses our products in their shop, to perfect trucks before they’re picked up by their owners.

ICON had been promoting the GO Campaign Cars & Casino event and we wanted to learn more. As soon as we researched GO Campaign and all the wonderful work they do, we were on board.

What Does GO Campaign Do?

GO Campaign is a unique and efficient charity. In their own words,  “GO Campaign identifies deserving Local Heroes throughout the world and partners with these grassroots organizations to provide children and young adults with critical services, resources and needed opportunities. We offer support and raise awareness about these small, highly-impactful organizations that might not otherwise come to your attention.”

GO Campaign finds what they call Local Heroes, who are people (domestically and internationally) working to better their local communities and then the organization helps fund the existing projects.

For example, we had the opportunity to speak with Neema Namadamu, a Local Hero from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Among many wonderful projects, Neema founded the Maman Shujaa (Hero Women) Center, which provides computer literacy training as well as free internet to 150 girls and women every week. This literacy training helps to empower these women and it enables them to share their stories. GO Campaign provides funding to ensure the Hero Women Center continues thriving. 

icon 4x4 & GO Campaign

ICON 4×4 

Jonathon Ward of ICON 4×4 has long been a supporter of GO Campaign and his facility in Chatsworth, CA was the perfect location for the Cars & Casino GO Campaign event. There was a silent auction, tons of beautiful custom built trucks in various stages of production, gourmet food trucks, and hundreds of generous attendees.

ICON 4×4 weren’t the only ones with cars there; Singer Vehicle Design, Emory Motorsports, and many other custom builders had their vehicles on display. 

We feel so lucky to have such a great partnership with ICON 4×4 and to have been able to attend the Cars & Casino event. We’re proud to work with GO Campaign to improve the lives of orphans everywhere, both within the U.S and internationally. 

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