Visiting Kawasaki’s California Facility & The Ninja H2R

We visited Kawasaki’s California headquarters to talk to their engineers about paint maintenance and care. Dr. Beasley’s and Kawasaki have been paint care partners since 2015 when they selected our products to care for their silver mirror paint. Nano-Resin and The Final Finish are used in house to maintain the sensitive mirror paint of the Ninja H2R, and The Final Finish comes with every H2R.



The paint of the H2R is special because of its gloss level and its sensitivity. So its gorgeous, but if left unprotected, the paint shows wear and tear easily if it’s not protected with Nano-Resin.

We learned that many of Kawasaki’s motorcycles have exposed aluminum pieces that can easily become tarnished and dull. While there are a fair amount of metal polishes out there, Kawasaki wanted something to PROTECT the metal after it’s all polished and pretty. Dr. Beasley’s Metal Coat to the rescue. 

Kawasaki doesn’t just manufacture motorcycles. They also make dirt bikes, Mules, Jet Skis, ATVs, and tons of accessories. We spoke with one technician who is responsible for repairs and vehicle maintenance. He was having an issue with the finish on the Kawasaki Mule Pro-FX.

The vehicle isn’t painted; it’s got a plastic hood. The plastic is glossy and beautiful, but like the Kawasaki mirror paint, it’s sensitive. Dr. Beasley’s Formula 1201 bonds instantly and goes on wet, making the shiny plastic of the Mule less sensitive and more hydrophilic. 




The facility is so very, VERY aesthetically pleasing. And very on brand. There are neon green lights under all the display bikes and green accents all over the building. All of the exit signs are neon green instead of the normal red. There’s a mini Kawasaki museum in the middle of the building’s first floor complete with antique Kawasaki toys and racing uniforms. 



We met with an employee whose job it was to ride motorcycles. For testing. Not for fun. As a job (we’re not jealous at all). We had access to some restricted areas, but obviously we didn’t take photos inside of those areas because everything was top secret. 


Classes In Session

Among the tour of the entire building was the Kawasaki Dealer University, where Kawasaki Dealers receive support, advice, and education from the OEM. Kawasaki Dealer University helps dealers learn the ins and outs of the vehicles they’re selling as well as the audience they want to reach. 



We’re so proud to partner with Kawasaki for paint protection and it was great to visit their California headquarters. While we are an ecommerce business, we definitely recognize the importance of face-to-face interactions.

Visiting the facility is a great way to get a real feel for the Kawasaki brand and meeting some of their hardworking, enthusiastic employees was such a pleasure. If you’ve got a Ninja H2R and have questions about your paint, email us! And definitely send us your photos of the bike.