1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville With Chrome Accents

How often do you see a 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville? Probably not that often. Well, we got to see one.

But it isn’t just ANY 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville; it’s in great condition and in the glovebox there’s a completely original owners manual. Instead of the flashy, dramatic photographs we see in more recent manuals and TSBs, this one has crisp little illustrations and the booklet is black and white.

See For Yourself

Flipping through the pages of the manual is reminiscent of watching an episode of Mad Men. See what we mean:

The 1959 Cadillac 

The artistry, design, and attention to detail evident in the illustrations of the  owners manual are obviously reinforced in the car itself. It’s a soft yellow, unlike most of the older Cadillacs we’ve seen which are usually black or white. 

This car is also enormous. And not in the way that an Escalade or a Navigator is enormous. Those cars are huge, but they’re big for a reason: to fit more people in them. This 1959 Cadillac is a coupe and it’s about as long as the Nile. When we parked it outside of the shop to take photos, its nose stuck far out into the street. 

The fins on this beauty help the Caddy look like what people in the ’50s and ’60s thought spaceships might look like in the future. The whole body is decorated with chrome accents that we protected with Metal Coat. The grill is almost aggressively shiny with all that chrome. 

1959 in 2017

Cars from this era in this good of condition don’t need nano coatings; they need regular maintenance and proper storage. Kudos to this Cadillac’s owner for keeping the vehicle in such excellent shape. We’re so glad we had the opportunity to photograph and hang around this beauty. 

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