2017 C63 AMG: Matte With Glossy Accents

We’re accustomed to seeing glossy cars with matte accents or decals on them. We are on Chrysler’s TSB for the Challenger Hellcat, which includes an option for a matte hood and spoiler, while the rest of the car is glossy.

In fact, we’ve blogged about caring for matte accented glossy cars in the past because we saw a lot of them last summer. 

Accent Minded 

This C63 flipped the script on us. This brand new 2017 C63 AMG is beautifully matte painted with Mercedes’ high quality magno paint. The entire car is matte… but there are some energetic glossy yellow decals on the vehicle. Instead of glossy with matte accents, it’s matte with glossy accents!

Many customers have wondered if they could use Dr. Beasley’s matte products on the glossy parts of their matte accented cars, and we always answer yes. This gloss accented C63 is no different. We protected the whole car with Matte Paint Coating, even the glossy yellow decals. 

Round & Round 

The wheels on the C63 are also matte and they have yellow accents too. We had to treat them with Matte Wheel Cleanser and Matte Wheel Seal, though admittedly the cleanup was really easy considering the excellent shape of the vehicle. 


Windy City

We did a little photoshoot with the C63 because it’s a beautiful car with unique accents. If the car was yours, would you add the decals? Would they be in yellow? Tell us how you’d customize your matte ride and check out these photos: