Petersen Automotive Museum Visited by Dr. Beasley’s

petersen automotive museum

Dr. Beasley’s is based in Chicago, which means we get to hang out at the world famous Chicago Auto Show every year. There are also plenty of car shows and meet ups around our city, but there’s nothing close to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.


We were fortunate enough to visit the museum and lucky for you guys they allow cameras. The museum is open to the public 7 days a week and admission is affordable and worth it.

The main exhibits take up three floors, the top floor being centered around classic cars. On this floor, there is also a section of famous movie cars, including THE Delorean and the 1989 Batmobile. We saw antique car detailing products too.



The middle floor is all about supercars. There’s an entire room filled with only red Ferraris. There are also a few McLarens and other insanely expensive beauties. Just when you think you’ll only see supercars on the middle floor, around the corner is an entire display of Harley and Indian motorcycles and bikes. 



The basement area is dedicated to Bugatti. If the song “Bugatti” by Ace Hood were a room, it would be here. Except instead of saying “I woke up in a new Bugatti”, the lyrics would have to be “I woke up in an antique Bugatti”.

There’s also a special section of the basement that includes cars customized by the renowned late artist Keith Haring. 

1929 Bugatti Type 44 Fiacre

1930 Bugatti Type 46 Cabriolet

1939 Bugatti Type 57C Aravis

Custom work by Keith Haring

A lot of the vehicles we got close to didn’t have the candy-like gloss and perfect paint that Dr. Beasley’s advocates. Instead, many cars had light swirls, tiny chips, or uneven paint. We understand the perspective of the museum, they don’t want to erase history. With cars like these, every tiny detail tells a part of the car’s story, so buffing out the swirls and putting a nano coating on the paint just wouldn’t feel right.  


You might think that you’ve seen the entire Petersen Automotive Museum after looking at our photos, but we promise there is so much more to see for yourself. If you’re ever in the LA area, you NEED to get to Petersen and admire the beauty. Even people who don’t care about cars would enjoy the museum; it’s that cool. Go, go, go!