Ford Raptor SVT Interior & Exterior Detail

To an untrained eye, this Ford Raptor SVT seemed clean enough. It was not caked in dirt, there were no giant scratches in the paint, and the interior was decently clean. To a detailer however, this Raptor SVT looked like it needed love. 

Pros Only

Renê Abreu of Brazil is an experienced detailer and he knew exactly what this truck needed. He noticed the paint was uneven and dull. The interior had tons of body oil build up on the leather and especially on the steering wheel. Check out Renê’s photos of the work he did on this Ford Raptor SVT!


He clayed and polished the red paint, bringing it from a flat, plain red to its intended shimmering, deep red – all while removing marring, swirls, and general unevenness. 

Ford Raptor SVT


After Renê used Dr. Beasley’s Fine Leather Cleanser, the interior leather went from dull and greasy to bold and uniform.

Renê completely revived the Ford Raptor SVT. Brazil’s climate means the sun is usually out, and so it’s great that this Raptor was cleaned and protected from the damaging rays of the sun. We’re sure the owner of this Raptor is ecstatic. 

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