Ink Stains On Leather

ink stains on leather

Let’s talk about ink stains on leather. Naturally, cars with light colored leather interiors get dirty and/or show dirt much quicker than darker leathers. While you already know you can remove most stains from leather surfaces with Fine Leather Cleanser or Opti-Leather Cleanser, there’s one type of stain that’s extra stubborn; ballpoint pen ink.

Unlike a water based ink, ballpoint pens have a thick, oily ink formula that is a true pain in the ass to remove from any surface, let alone light colored leather. 

“It’ll Never Happen To Me”

You’re probably thinking that you’re not writing novels in your car and therefore you don’t really need to worry about a ballpoint pen ink stains on your leather. You’re mostly right, but then there’s the time you’ll inevitably sit on your beautiful camel colored leather with a forgotten pen in your pocket and… the pen will mark up your seat.

You’ll try to wipe the ink up as fast as you can, but it will only smear and spread. You’ll panic, you’ll sweat, you’ll (understandably) freak out. So what are you to do?

Home Remedy?

You can search online for tips and tricks on removing pen ink from leather surfaces. Some sites suggest using hairspray on the stain. Ok, that sounds… dangerous. You have no idea how the hairspray will react with your particular type of leather.

What if you get a big white blob where you tried to clean the ink stain with hairspray? Or if the hairspray makes the stain look bigger and more noticeable? Or what if you don’t have hairspray? Forget it!

Leather is a luxury textile and should be treated that way. Give your leather interior the respect and care it deserves by using a product made specifically for leather surfaces and ink stains. Your car’s interior is not the place to be testing and guessing with different household products.

The Dr.

Our founder and President, Jim Lafeber likes to formulate products that solve problems. The issue of an ink stain on light colored leather affected him personally when he found small pen marks on his white leather sneakers. The shoes were brand new and were clean in every other area, except those little pen marks.

He suspected his 5 year old daughter may have had something to do with the ink marks on his shoes. He wanted to remove them ASAP. That’s when Jim started formulating and testing a product to spot clean ink stains on leather. And thus, Dr. Beasley’s Ink Remover Kit was born. 

How To

Removing an ink stain from leather is really easy with this kit. You just dip one of the cotton swabs in the jar of Ink Remover and place the tip of the swab directly on the ink mark. The ink will mix with the Ink Remover and you can actually see it lifting from the leather surface.

You’ll end up with a little puddle of blue or black (depending on the color of ink) liquid that you dab up with a white towel. That’s it, the stain is gone. Needless to say, if the ink has been sitting on the leather for a billion years, it’ll probably take a few tries to totally remove it.

Once it’s gone, hit the small area with the included Finishing Cream. This conditioner will reintroduce nutrients into the leather and ensure it stays as supple and neat as the rest of the surface. After that? Protect that leather like your life depends on it!

Dr. Beasley’s Ink Remover Kit works on all top coated leathers, including dark colored leathers. This kit is designed  to permanently remove stains and it won’t damage the look of your leather.

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