Matte Audi Care Products & Accessories: Dr. Beasley’s Does It

Dr. Beasley’s and Audi are partners in matte paint care. Audi recommends our products to clean and protect the 2017 S8 plus, the 2016 and 2017 RS 7 and RS 7 performance, and the 2017 R8 V10 plus.

The cars are available in a variety of matte finishes, including Florett Silver matte, Daytona Gray matte, and Camouflage Green matte. Customers can buy our products through the Audi Dealer Network and our matte paint care products are on Audi’s parts and products website


Audi represents an understated elegance and sophistication that is present in every aspect of their business. These elements are obvious not only in their vast array of vehicles, but also in their general branding.

We communicated with Audi’s design team to ensure that all of the accessories we were including with the matte paint care products were an accurate representation of Audi’s refined nature.

HAND Crafted

Dr. Beasley’s has white buckets with our brown logo on them. They’re great for us, but we had to cook up something extra special for Audi.  

Audi customers use special buckets that are tasteful yet bad ass (much like the cars they make). They’re all black with a special Gamma lid and their branded labels are hand-placed on the buckets by Dr. Beasley’s team members.

That’s right – every bucket that Audi gets from us is labeled and packaged by hand. We’re all about hand crafted, and an OEM like Audi is no exception. 

If you’re the owner of a matte finished Audi, make sure you’re using the stuff they recommend: Dr. Beasley’s matte paint care products. 

What’s your favorite matte Audi model?

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