Wheel Woolie Care

We get our Wheel Woolies from Braun Brush Co., an American manufacturing company that’s been in business since 1875. We’re proud to sell American-made brushes and accessories and we especially love Braun’s Wheel Woolies.

You might notice our woolies are priced a little lower than others, and that’s because we want these trusted wheel care accessories to be easily accessible to consumers. The Wheel Woolie is really the best way to totally clean your wheels, whether you’ve got light contaminants or intense brake dust. 

Wheel Woolie Maintenance

You want your woolies to last hundreds of washes, so it’s crucial that you properly care for them. The worst thing you could do would be to use the woolies to clean your wheels and then just leave them untouched and put them back in your garage.

Wheels are full of gross contaminants and when you use a brush to clean them, all of the contaminants end up on your brush. You’re also going to be using some fairly strong products to clean wheels, as grime loves to hang on to wheels and they’re prone to brake dust build up. 

If you allow contaminants and chemicals to remain on your woolies after using them, they’ll dry out and become crusty. You can try washing them when they’re at that point, but the entire process will be arduous and annoying. All of this should pretty much makes sense; you wouldn’t leave a microfiber towel unwashed after using it to buff off a product, so why would a wheel brush be any different?

While you can chuck your microfibers in the washing machine with a light detergent and then dry them, Wheel Woolies can’t go in the washing machine, but care is still really easy. Immediately after your wheels are pristine, thoroughly rinse the woolies in clean water. Then squeeze them dry. That’s seriously all you have to do. Rinsing will ensure that all of the little pieces of dirt and grime come out of the woolie. 

From the Source

These cleaning instructions come straight from Braun Automotive, so we strongly recommend you follow them. Plus, Wheel Woolie care is really easy. Simply rinsing and squeezing the woolies dry will prolong their lifespan and ensure your wheels are safely cleaned each time. 

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