F12 Berlinetta Matte Wrapped

Matte Paint Coating protects matte paint and wraps. It goes over emblems, badging, and decals with ease. We used the coating protect this 2014 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta from staining, fading, and etching. Some of the decals and accents on the Berlinetta are glossy, but MPC still works, it just won’t add any shine. 


This is a daily driver for the owner, so we’ll reapply the protectant after 1 year. If the Berlinetta was a garage queen, we’d reapply after 2 years. Extreme Chicago weather won’t be an issue for this customized ‘Rari because it’s protected with Matte Paint Coating

Why Wrap?

Wraps are cool because you can change the entire look of your car without having it repainted. When the wrap is looking tired or when you’re sick of it, you can just have it removed and it’ll feel like you’re looking at a completely different car. Wraps also provide protection for the OEM paint underneath. They’re like a paint protection film with a twist. 

Wraps have their cons too, but if you’re looking for a way to transform your vehicle and protect your paint, look into vinyl wrap installation from an experienced detailer near you. 


Send us photos of your wrapped car!