Leather Lock Pro Is the Ultimate Leather Coating

Leather Coating

Dr. Beasley’s already has a leather coating: Leather Lock. It’s a protectant for leather surfaces that beads liquids, prevents stains, and protects from UV damage. It works well. It works great, in fact. But it takes 24 – 48 hours to fully cure. That’s fine for some enthusiasts who have more than one car. They can protect their interior with Leather Lock and leave it to cure while using their other car to get around.

Leather Lock vs. Leather Lock Pro

Unfortunately, professional detailers and enthusiasts with just one car don’t have that kind of time. Detailers need to protect multiple interiors in a single day, so there’s no way they can hold on to a car for 48 hours just for the leather coating to fully cure. And many enthusiasts just don’t want to go 48 hours without being able to sit on their leather seats. We get it, we totally get it. 

That’s why we formulated our brand new Leather Lock Pro Kit. It protects top coated leather surfaces from stains and UV fading. It beads up liquids and makes cleaning easier, and it works great on colored and perforated leathers too. The best part? This leather coating takes 20-30 minutes to fully cure. You can coat your entire interior and drive the car a mere 30 minutes later knowing your leather is protected and safe.  


Leather Lock Pro is seriously simple to apply, especially because it comes in a kit. First, clean the surface with Fine Leather Cleanser or something similar. Once your leather is clean, ready the surface for a protectant with Leather Coating Prep. Just spray the product on your leather and wipe it off with a microfiber towel. Immediately after that, apply a few drops (5-6) of Leather Lock Pro to a foam block applicator and use an even pattern to coat your leather. Wait 20-30 minutes and you’re good to go. 

After applying Leather Lock Pro, you can spill coffee all over your car and it won’t stain. If you leave your sunroof open during a rain storm, you interior will certainly get wet, but Leather Lock Pro will prevent that water from permanently damaging the surface. 

Not Just For Cars

Protecting your car’s leather interior is crucial, and the same goes for all your leather surfaces. That includes your leather shoes, wallets, couches, and any other leather. This leather coating works with any leather (colored, perforated, woven), just as long as its top coated. So if you have 30 minutes, you have time to coat your leather. Get to it!