2016 Cadillac CTS-V in OEM Matte White?!


Jesse and Meredith are the drivers behind the @frozen.v Instagram page. They did not plan on buying a matte white CTS-V. They wanted a white Caddy CTS-V with low mileage in white, and by a stoke of luck they came upon this 2016 model in crystal white frost. The soon-to-be-owners assumed the car was matte wrapped, because it’s not very often (if ever) you see a CTS-V with an OEM matte paint job.

Paint or Wrap?

Upon further inspection, Meredith and Jesse realized the matte white was paint and they knew they had to have the 1 of 29 CTS-V. The matte white isn’t totally flat – it’s got a very subtle shimmer to it, which serves to enhance the beastly lines of the Cadillac. 

Paint protection is a priority for every true car lover, and these guys knew they needed something specifically for matte paint. They found Dr. Beasley’s and have been exclusively using our products to clean and protect the Caddy ever since.


The frozen.v page highlights the car owners’ aptitude for photography and the love they have for their Cadillac. They’ve clearly done their research, as they know never to clay or polish matte paint. They decontaminate the sleek white paint with Matte Paint Cleanser. They even removed fallout that was left behind on the paint from the previous owner.

They’ll be adding a matte paint protection film shortly, which will be topped with Matte Paint Coating. Meredith and Jesse only wash it with Matte Body Wash and Matte Waterless Wash. Their hard work definitely pays off; the CTS-V looks amazing in 100% of their photos. See some of them below! 

2016 Cadillac CTS-V

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