1994 Porsche 968 Coupe in Midnight Blue Metallic

Porsche 968 Coupe Winner

This midnight blue metallic Porsche 968 Coupe was first used by a Porsche Dealer office manager as the office car, and then sold to a former U.S. Navy Submarine Engineer in 1999. The owner took exquisite care of the vehicle, keeping it in a temperature controlled garage and allowing only the Porsche dealer to detail the Porsche 968.

In Good Hands

Simon’s Shine Shop customer Horace came across the Porsche and met with the owner, who was insistent that the vehicle was not up for sale. The two spent time together discussing the Blue Beauty and driving it together. When the 968 eventually went up for sale, Horace was the first to know. 

In March of 2014, the Submarine Engineer called Horace and simply said “When are you going to pick up your Porsche?” In effect, Horace was chosen by the original owner to take on the 968. A real honor. 

Winner, Winner

Horace regularly enters the Porsche 986 Coupe in Porsche Club of America shows, and almost always wins 1st place. For a while,  Horace would bring the original owner to the concours to see the car and enjoy the show. After the veteran’s health declined, Horace now calls and updates him after each show.

More Than Just A Car

This story proves that a car is much more than a metal box with an engine; it’s a form of communication, a way for people to truly connect. We’re proud to know that Horace always visits Simon’s Shine Shop before heading to the concours, where exclusively Dr. Beasley’s products are used to maintain the beautiful blue paint. 

Car owner Horace with Simon’s Shine Shop owner, Jim