Why Carnauba Wax is Outdated & Coatings Are King

Coatings like PlasmaCoat are king

BMW following treatment with Dr. Beasley’s PlasmaCoat


“Wax on, wax off,” instructs Mr. Miyagi to his young protege.  At the time The Karate Kid was filmed (1984), carnauba wax was king. But the times, they are a-changing. Nowadays, coatings are king of the block. Today, we examine the rise and fall of carnauba wax and discuss why coatings are now the best choice for protecting your car and producing its shine. 

What is it?
Carnauba (pronounced CAR-NOO-BA), also known as Brazil wax and palm wax, is native to northeastern Brazil. It grows on the leaves of the palm Copernicia pruniferia and has a melting point of 179.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Because its heat resistance is so low, carnuaba pales in comparison to paint sealants and coatings.

In the beginning, carnauba wax was everything
In the beginning, from the 1950s up through the ’80s, carnauba was king. Wax paste gained popularity in the 1960s and became the Holy Grail for car protection and shine for the next three decades. Muscle car owners proudly waxed their car with carnauba in the ’70s. No contender faced off with carnauba wax until the ’80s, when paint sealants emerged. 

Fast forward to paint sealants
Synthetic paint sealants offer the benefit of a polymer-based wax that lasts longer (about 6-8 months). Carnauba wax lasts only a few weeks to a month! 

Why coatings are now king
Due to their long-lasting qualities and ease of use, coatings are king of the block. Coatings last longer than waxes or paint sealants, and like super-glue, they bond to a surface like nobody’s business. Due to the fact that it offers more heat resistance, a coating doesn’t evaporate in the hot sun (like a wax does). Because you don’t need to wait for it to cure (like a wax), coatings are easier to apply.

Coatings like Formula 1201 are king

Formula 1201 is applied immediately after rinsing off the suds

All roads lead to Plasma Coat
Both a paint protectant and a nano coating, PlasmaCoat bonds instantly with the paint and protects your car for more than a year. In addition, it performs in temperatures as high as 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and is VOC-free. Carnauba wax contains light solvents such as mineral spirits, while Plasma Coat is completely green! PlasmaCoat is easy to use (like wax) yet offers the long-term protection and shine of a coating. You wipe it on and then immediately wipe it off. No waiting to let it cure!

Coatings like PlasmaCoat are king

Applying PlasmaCoat on a red Jaguar

Other Coatings to Consider
In addition to PlasmaCoat, Dr. Beasley’s offers Formula 1201 and Nano-Resin. In comparison to PlasmaCoat, these products offer even better ease of use and longer protection. 

Formula 1201 is a polymer-based liquid paint coating designed for automotive paint and vinyl wraps. It’s durable and lasts for over a year. After rinsing the suds off your car, apply the liquid while the vehicle is still wet. Once applied, simply wipe it off to leave your car both dry and protected. 

Coatings like Nano-Resin are king

Nano-Resin protects your car for 2-3 years

Nano-Resin is a semi-permanent nano-coating that leaves a mirror-like hydrophobic barrier that lasts for 2-3 years. 

In conclusion, carnauba wax is outdated due to its low heat resistance and short-term durability. Due to its long-lasting quality and ease of use, coatings are now king of the block. 

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