Autogeek Detail Fest 2018 Recap

Detail Fest convention floor

What a weekend! Just a few days ago the Dr. Beasley’s team arrived home safe in Chicago from the balmy climate of West Palm Beach, Florida. Why were we there? The 13th Annual Autogeek Detail Fest, aka Detail Fest 2018! 

This was our second year attending Detail Fest, so we knew we had really bring our A-game. Thankfully, we were successful. Just look at our booth! 

Dr. Beasley's Detail Fest Booth

Looks great, right? We got to display our new line of coating kits, too. They really brought the whole booth together. Attendees seemed to love our packaging and booth design, probably because our branding really stands out amid the sea of car care companies using black color schemes. Always good to be unique!

But our booth wasn’t the only thing we revamped this year – we also overhauled our live demos. Last year, we were just showcasing PlasmaCoat and Formula 1201. This year, we added demos for Fabric Coating Kit and Glass Serum Pro Kit as well. 

Glass Serum Pro Kit DemoFor our Glass Serum Pro Kit demo, we brought a pane of glass that was coated with Glass Serum Pro on one half, no coating on the second half. We then covered the uncoated section with water, to show how it clings to the uncoated surface while totally repelling from the coated half. It was impressive to see in person, to say the least. But that wasn’t the only demo that had people’s mouths gaping…

Fabric Coating Kit Demo

For this demo, we brought a tissue coated with Fabric Coating from our Fabric Coating Kit. From there, we dropped beads of water onto the tissue using a pipette. As the droplets fell, they beaded on the surface, sliding around without soaking into the fabric. At one point, an attendee spilled some of the demo water and tried to mop it up with the tissue. No matter how many times he tried the tissue just wouldn’t absorb it! A testament to the power of hydrophobicity. 

On Sunday, our founder and President Jim Lafeber did a talk on ceramic coating technology. Afterwards, folks kept coming up to us asking to meet Jim! Seems like he’s a bit of a detailing celebrity. Speaking of celebrities, guess who Jim got a picture with?

Jim Lafeber with Dennis Gage

That’s right, Mr. Dennis Gage himself! Dr. Beasley’s products have been popping up on My Classic Car as of late and will continue to be featured in upcoming episodes. Keep tabs on our social media for future airdates!

The Dr. Beasley's team manning the booth

At the booth, the Dr. Beasley’s team had a great experience meeting our fans, introducing ourselves to newcomers, and getting acquainted with professional detailers interested in our line. Working a trade show isn’t always glamorous, but being able to spread the Beasley’s message to such a receptive crowd made it all worthwhile!

Did you attend Detail Fest 2018? Tell us about your experience below!

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