A Quick Look At The Dr. Beasley’s Authorized Detailer Program

Dr. Beasley's Authorize Detailer Program LogoIf you follow Dr. Beasley’s on social media, you’ve probably read a thing or two about the Authorized Detailer Program we’ve been rolling out this past month. So what is this program, and why should professional detailers apply? 

Basically, it’s our way of approving professional detailers that want to advertise their services as installers of Dr. Beasley’s coatings. But there’s more to it than just that – Authorized Detailers are also able to register warranties on our products for their customers, receive promotional support, and get expert assistance from the Dr. Beasley’s team. What do these benefits entail? Let’s take a look!


Dr. Beasley's Coating Kits

Warranties are crucial to giving customers peace of mind when they’re spending a good chunk of change on a service they’ve never tried before. This is especially true for ceramic coating installations – customers need to know both the manufacturer and the installer have confidence in the longevity of the product being applied. 

Beyond peace of mind, warranties are also a great way to ensure customers are getting the absolute most out of their coating. Because our warranties are tied to a prescribed maintenance regimen, customers will have the guidance they’ll need to keep their coating as long as possible, whether that means keeping up a regular wash routine or going in for annual coating check-ups.

So what are the actual numbers on our warranties? Here’s a quick run-down:

  • Matte Paint Coating – 2 Year Warranty
  • Matte Paint Coating Pro – 5 Year Warranty
  • Nano-Resin – 3 Year Warranty
  • Nano-Resin Pro – 9 Year Warranty
  • Glass Serum – 3 Year Warranty
  • Glass Serum Pro – 7 Year Warranty 
  • Headlight Coating – 5 Year Warranty
  • Plastic Trim Coating – 5 Year Warranty
  • Fabric Coating – 5 Year Warranty
  • Leather Lock Pro – 5 Year Warranty

If accepted into the Program, you’ll receive the full warranty terms & conditions along with a warranty registration form. 

Promotional Support

Dr. Beasley's Sticker

So let’s say you’re accepted into the program, you get the warranty terms and conditions, and you’re wondering how you start advertising your services as Dr. Beasley’s Authorized Detailer. Good question! Thankfully we’ve got you covered in this department.

First and foremost, in your acceptance e-mail, you’ll find a link to download a folder of Dr. Beasley’s logos you can use to promote your Authorized Detailer status on your website. 

There’ll be physical materials sent to you as well in the coming months, including Dr. Beasley’s signage, wearables, brochures, and stickers. We’ll also do our part to support your business online and when talking to our customers. You’ll get put up on a map of our Authorized Detailers, we’ll recommend you to any of our customers looking for detailing or Dr. Beasley’s coating installations in your area, and even promote your business on social media.

Expert Assistance

Attend a seminar from founder and president Jim Lafeber

The Dr. Beasley’s Team has countless years of detailing experience and first-hand knowledge of how best to apply our products. We want to share this knowledge with our Authorized Detailers whenever they need it – be it advice on installing a Dr. Beasley’s coating or just a general detailing question. 

Beyond on our own ability to offer advice, you’ll also have the ear of every other Authorized Detailer in the program thanks to our private Facebook group. You’ll be able to pick the brains of the most talented detailers out there so you can get an idea of how others are handling the day-to-day realities of running a detailing business. 

This assistance isn’t limited to just over-the-phone or internet-based consulting, though. We’ll also be hosting detailing classes at Chicago’s Simon’s Shine Shop (the home of Dr. Beasley’s) so you can learn first-hand essential detailing knowledge. 

What If I’m Not A Detailer?

Great question! Non-professionals get benefits from the Authorized Detailer Program, too. Have you always wanted a Dr. Beasley’s coating but weren’t comfortable installing it yourself? With a map of Authorized Detailers at your fingertips, you’ll be able to find a Dr. Beasley’s approved detailer easily.

Moved to a new area and don’t want to scour Yelp looking for a reputable detailer? The Authorized Detailer Program does the vetting for you – just consult the map to know where the best detail shops are. 

Want to Apply?

If you’d like to apply to the Authorized Detailer Program, all you need to do is e-mail victor@drbeasleys.com. You’ll then receive an Authorized Detailer Program Application. Just fill that out and send it back along with copies of your business license, proof of insurance and any relevant certifications or designations (IDA-CD, etc). 

That about wraps it up on the basic features of the Dr. Beasley’s Authorized Detailer Program. Remember to e-mail victor@drbeasleys.com if you’re interested in applying, and comment below if you’d like to have a Dr. Beasley’s Authorized Detailer in your area!