The Coolest Cars at Road America’s 2018 MAMA Spring Rally

Dr. Beasley's at Road AmericaYesterday Dr. Beasley’s was at the legendary Road America track in scenic Elkhart Lake, WI to attend the 2018 MAMA Spring Rally. Every year the Midwest Automotive Media Association (MAMA) partners with Road America and OEMs like Dodge, Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai, and many more to provide journalists with an opportunity to test drive their latest and greatest so they can get a feel for just how well they handle and perform. 

Dr. Beasley’s was attending as sponsor for the event, so we set up a booth right on the paddock by all the OEM representatives and their respective vehicles so everyone gearing up to test cars could get a chance to know us. And despite the plethora of sick cars to take a spin in, plenty of journalists and OEM reps stopped by to say hello and learn about our line of ceramic coating systems.

And never being ones to miss an opportunity to get our products in the hands of media influencers, we made sure to bring plenty of Glass Serum review kits to hand out.  

Glass Serum Kit at MAMA

While demoing our coating systems and handing out review kits was an absolute blast, we were also over the moon to see the sheer amount of remarkable new cars to gawk at. And let’s be honest, it’d be a pity if we didn’t share at least some of the shots and videos we took along the way, so get ready for some top tier car porn! 

So, right off the bat, you need to see this video:


Amazing, right? Ford had a small drifting test course set up so folks could try out the drift stick they developed for the Focus RS, and it happened to be right in our booth’s backyard. Safe to say we were watching journos hang these turns whenever we had a chance. 

Second coolest thing we saw? Probably the Ford GT they had there. A $500K super car, the GT is an overwhelmingly beautiful vehicle to feast your eyes on. Check out some of these shots: 

Ford GT Front

Picture 1 of 4

After you finish wiping up your drool, take a look this Black Badge Rolls Royce Wraith. From a detailing perspective alone, we were taken aback by the level of gloss on this paint, not to mention the slick interior and understated badging. 

Black Badge Rolls Royce Wraith

Picture 1 of 3

Now here’s a car Dr. Beasley’s is all too familiar with – the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. The satin black hood on these babies have had Hellcat owners the world over snatching up Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Prescription so they can keep the paint looking fresh. 

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat


Now get a load of this pristine Mercedes interior – with all that light-colored leather, you’d better grab a Dr. Beasley’s Leather Lock Pro Kit to make sure it doesn’t stain! 

Mercedes Interior

Hyundai also had their Genesis division’s cars on display as well, with the G90 cutting an impressive profile among the other luxury cars on the paddock.

We were particularly impressed by the interior – keep your eyes peeled for a blog coming soon using it as a case study for why your interior detailing products should be tailored for the specific surface they’ll be used on. 


Alright, alright, back to the supercars. Behold this Corvette Z06:

Corvette Z06

Has your lust for beautiful cars been satisfied yet? No? Okay, fine, here’s a farewell GIF of the Ford GT driving away to hit the track. You’re welcome!

Ford GT

But seriously, the MAMA Spring Rally 2018 was all around a one-of-a-kind experience for the Dr. Beasley’s team and one we won’t soon forget. And thanks to all the journalists and OEM reps who dropped by our booth and took the time to get to know us, as well as the MAMA board members and Road America staff who coordinated it all – besides all the cars, it was these folks who made this event such a success for everyone involved. 

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