Ales & Details Workshop and Beer Tasting

Ales and DetailsAt Dr. Beasley’s we’re always looking for ways to support the car enthusiast community here in Chicago. So when John Neurauter of Haymarket Brewery brought his new car into Simon’s Shine Shop, we instantly saw an opportunity to bring together the worlds of beer and car care.

No, we’re not packaging our car wash soaps in kegs, but we are hosting a detailing workshop/beer tasting this Friday that we’ve dubbed “Ales & Details”! To gauge interest, we sent out an e-mail to Simon’s Shine Shop customers with a sign-up form and were blown away by the response. Every space was filled within 24 hours!

So what is this workshop going to entail? Well, Dr. Beasley’s President/Founder Jim Lafeber will be talking paintwork protection, with a focus on Dr. Beasley’s instant-bonding, wet application coating Formula 1201.

Why coatings are now king

Formula 1201

 Workshop attendees will be able to get hands-on applying the coating to two Porsches provided by Midwest Performance Cars of the West Loop neighborhood. 

Once that’s wrapped up, workshop attendees will then get a chance to sample two select brews from Haymarket Brewery (also West Loop-based):

Imperial IPA by Haymarket Brewery

8% ABV
Jam packed with aromatic notes of mango, apricot and orange from a generous dry hopping with Citra hops. Our most popular beer from the brewpub lineup.

Speakerswagon Pils by Haymarket Brewery

5% ABV
German style lager brewed with a pound per barrel of Saaz then fermented cold and slow to produce a clean, refreshing and aromatic straw colored brew.













From there, attendees will be able to talk shop with each other and buy Dr. Beasley’s products used during the workshop at a discount. It’s gonna be a great time! And don’t worry, even though this event is full, there will be more down the line. 

While you’re at it, be sure to check out Haymarket and Midwest Performance Cars on Instagram:




Haymarket Pub: @haymarketpub



Midwest Performance Cars: @mpcars


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Have a suggestion for the next Chicago-area brewery we should do a workshop with? 

Comment below and let us know!