Recapping Ales & Details

Jim Lafeber At Ales And Details

Last Friday, Dr. Beasley’s and Simon’s Shine Shop (in partnership with Midwest Performance Cars and Haymarket Brewery) hosted their first ever “Ales & Details” workshop.

What’s Ales & Details? It’s detailing and craft beers, together at last! If you need more explanation beyond that, read our preview from last week. And if you weren’t one of the lucky few in attendance, we’ve got a full recap below:

Prior to the workshop we put together a temporary classroom inside the two detailing bays at the west end of the shop floor, complete with a white board, tables, a cart with detailing supplies, and of course, two test cars.

Andy Bizub from Midwest Performance Cars brought us a 2008 Audi R8 in red and a restored 1976 Porsche 911S with a custom matte black hood. Ultimately the R8 was more than enough car for the workshop, so the 911S went unused. But it was still amazing even being able to gawk at the car inside and out. Just look at it!

Just after we finished setting up, John Neurauter from Haymarket arrived with both beers and his son Leo in tow. Even though the tasting wasn’t until after the workshop, the two were quick to have everything prepped for a smooth transition.

Around quarter to three attendees began trickling into the Simon’s waiting room. After everyone signed in we brought them into the classroom and the workshop got started. To kick things off, Jim gave the class a quick run-down on Simon’s and Dr. Beasley’s, then jumped right in to the main topic – paintwork protection. 

Laying the groundwork, Jim expounded a bit on the need for a proper wash prior to applying a protective coating like Dr. Beasley’s Formula 1201. 

Once washing was covered, Jim took time to both discuss and demonstrate the need for proper paintwork decontamination through claying. Workshop participants were given plastic baggies to try the baggie test themselves. 

After feeling the paint with their baggie-wrapped hands, participants were shocked at just how bumpy the paint was. Goes to show how important decontamination is! 

Now that the participants had a chance to feel the contaminants, Jim walked through the use of clay to lift them out, from clay bars to clay cloths.

Participants were then given the opportunity to try using clay (with some Dr. Beasley’s Clay Spray, of course) to decontaminate. Some were understandably concerned about marring the paint, but we assured them we’d be able to fix any blemishes inflicted. Once that was understood, people started going to town with clay bars and clay cloths. 

The paint was roughed up a bit during the process, but hey, it’s a test car, that’s what it’s there for! With the claying demo wrapped up, Jim moved on to the main event – applying Dr. Beasley’s Formula 1201.

 When the class first saw the product gel up in reaction with the distilled water, their eyes lit up immediately.

The unique instant-bonding wet application had just about everyone scrambling for their chance to go hands-on!

Once those who wanted to try Formula 1201 got the chance to, we let John from Haymarket take the floor and tell the class a little about the two beers he brought – Haymarket’s Speakerswagon Pils and Mathias Imperial IPA.

 Both beers tasted great, but we were all blown away by how drinkable Mathias was for an 8% ABV IPA. As things wound down most of us hung around sipping our beers as we talked shop. Just about everyone had a great time, telling us what topics and products they’d like to see covered in a future class.

Speaking of which, we’re proud to announce our next class will be August 17th – more details to come soon!

Thanks again to Andy at Midwest Performance Cars and John from Haymarket for making this event possible.