Simon’s Second Ales & Details: Recap!

Simon's Second Ales & Details: Recap! Last Friday Simon’s Shine Shop hosted their second Ales & Details workshop and beer tasting with Dr. Beasley’s and Haymarket Brewery. If you haven’t heard of the event quite yet, check out these past blogs.

So, as mentioned in the above blogs, the workshop portion of the event is conducted by Dr. Beasley’s (a.k.a. the folks who run Behind the Detail) Jim Lafeber. This time Jim decided to keep some things the same while shaking up others. As such, we started the workshop with a demo on conducting a proper hand wash, then shifted gears to protecting the finish with Dr. Beasley’s Formula 1201, like we did last Ales & Details. 

If you were at the class and didn’t have a chance to pick up the wash & protect guides we handed out afterwards, or if you weren’t there, those guides can be found here and here

As mentioned above, the class kicked off with a hand washing demo. The car we conducted the demo on was none other than a brand new Porsche 911 GT3 owned by Haymarket Brewery co-founder John Neurauter. So not only did he supply the beers – he supplied the test car! 

Ales and Details Test Car

John had brought his GT3 into Simon’s not too long ago for an XPEL Ultimate installation on the hood, front bumper and rocker panels (also known as the Sports Car Package) with a Dr. Beasley’s Film Coating Kit installation over the wrapped sections and a Dr. Beasley’s Nano-Resin Pro Kit installation on the rest of the paintwork. 

So, with all that contaminant-resistant protection already on the car, cleaning was a breeze. Once Jim had identified areas with soiling to the class, the hand wash began with a quick rinse to take care of the largest, loosest contaminants. 

Pre-Wash Rinsing on Porsche 911 GT3

Once the rinse was done, Simon’s detailer Christyan and Dr. Beasley’s Tony Morales showed how to get the car sudsed-up using the foam hoses on hand at Simon’s. As you may know, this is what helps lift out the more entrenched contaminants. 

Foaming up Porsche 911 GT3

Once the initial foaming was complete, Tony jumped in and took care of the wheels/tires as Jim passed around various wheel/tire cleaning accessories, ranging from a flagged wheel brush to wheel woolies for the finer features. 

Wheel cleaning Porsche 911 GT3

Flagged Wheel Brush

After another rinse, Tony and Christyan broke out the bug sponges to grab some stubborn insect remains on the front end of the hood and front bumper. Once that was done, the car was foamed up a second time for some agitation with fresh wash pads. 

Using bug sponge to clean insect remains on Porsche 911 GT3

Foaming up Porsche 911 GT3 for hand wash

This is where the class got hands-on for the first time, each getting their own brand new wash pad to take to the paint. Jim emphasized that only light agitation is needed, and that the soap itself does plenty to lift out and remove gunk. 

Opening up a brand new wash pad

Another rinse was conducted, after which John wheeled the GT3 over to the detail bay for some Formula 1201 action. At this juncture, I actually got hands-on myself guiding a participant or two on the proper application of Formula 1201, so I wasn’t able to grab any shots. (My apologies!) 

You can read more in the guide linked above, but basically it comes down to wetting a panel with distilled water, priming an applicator with Formula 1201, applying in circular motions, then wiping down immediately with a fresh microfiber towel. 

Once everyone had their chance to coat a panel with 1201, the class was guided to the Simon’s waiting room for John’s Haymarket beer tasting. Much like the class, John both kept things the same (Speakerswagon Pilsner was available) and shook things up (Aleister IPA in the stead of Mathias). 

Haymarket's John Neurauter hosts the Ales and Details beer tasting

Haymarket's John Neurauter pours some Speakerswagon Pils

As folks sipped on brews, some bought Dr. Beasley’s Wash & Seal Kits to take what they learned in class home. Everyone had a blast talking cars, detailing and everything in between. We can’t wait until the next workshop!

Speaking of which, Simon’s and Dr. Beasley’s have already lined up the next Ales & Details for Friday, September 28th. If you want to get on the e-mail list for the sign-ups announcement, shoot a message to and they’ll make sure you’re in the know. 

What should we cover in the next Ales & Details? Comment below with a suggestion!