2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Dr. Beasley's 2018 Gift Guide

Dr. Beasley’s product line runs deep. So when it comes to gift giving, there truly IS something for everyone. But what might that something be? Take a look below—we’ve rounded up some choice selections from the Doctor’s offerings, organized by price. 

$50 and under


Glass IQ – $14.99

Dr. Beasley's Glass IQHow many glass cleaners also repel water? Not many, to say the least. Glass IQ does just that, tidying up dusty or smudged glass while leaving behind a smudge-proof, water-proof surface. Anyone who gets this gift will have their mind blown once they see their iPhone beading off water—trust us.

PlasmaCoat – $34.99

Dr. Beasley's PlasmaCoat

This gift is the for the car lover that just can’t seem to quit wax. Despite being a ceramic coating, PlasmaCoat looks like a wax with its creamy consistency. And it goes on like one, too, only a lot faster—there’s no waiting for it to haze. Just apply, wipe down, and move to the next panel. It’s highly layer-able, too, so if they like to wax twice a month, there’s nothing stopping them. 

Wash & Seal Kit – $35.99

Dr. Beasley's Wash and Seal KitDr. Beasley’s Wash & Seal Kit makes for a thoughtful gift for any car owner. With Premium Body Wash, they’ll be able to wash their pride and joy using a soap that’s not just healthy for their car, it’s healthy for them! It’s formulated with lanolin to moisturize your skin so your hands aren’t cracking by the end of your wash. And with Formula 1201, future washes become 10x easier thanks to the coating’s self-cleaning effects. And if they don’t have all the tools necessary to wash and coat their car, worry not—optional accessories can be added on as well. 



Nano-Resin Kit – $74.99

Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin Kit

The Nano-Resin Kit is sure to satisfy anyone who wants to get their paint in perfect condition and make sure it stays that way. Once cured, a Nano-Resin ceramic coating will protect paintwork from staining, etching, fine scratches and keep it ridiculously easy to clean. And you’re getting a whole lot more than just the bottle—the kit comes with Paint Coating Prep to prime the surface and ensure a perfect bond, a foam block applicator and two suede cloths.

Fine Leather Prescription – $74.99

There’s no getting around it—leather is hard to maintain. So why not make it easy for the leather lover in your life by getting them Dr. Beasley’s Fine Leather Prescription? This regimen will solve all of your leather woes. Fine Leather Cleanser and Opti-Leather Cleanser take care of any stain you throw at them, Leather Cream moisturizes, nourishes, AND protects against UV damage, while Leather Lock keeps your leather stain-proof with its water repellent effects. 


Matte Paint Prescription – $174.96

Dr. Beasleys Matte Paint Prescription

If you know someone with a matte/satin vehicle (or is about to buy one), this gift will mean the world to them. You need specialized products to care for matte, as conventional car care products can and will alter the flat look that makes the finish so great. With this suite of products, they’ll have everything they need to clean, protect and maintain a matte or satin finish. 


Nano-Resin Pro Kit – $500.00

Dr. Beasleys Nano-Resin Pro KitWant to really go all out? Get your favorite detailing obsessive the pinnacle of ceramic coating technology: Nano-Resin Pro. Graded for 9 years of durability, its features are staggering, touting natural self-healing abilities, elastomeric scratch resistance, insane superhydrophobicity, and above all else, a truly stunning quality of gloss. If you’re going to go big, go with Nano-Resin Pro.