A ceramic coating scratch

Your Ceramic Coating Is Making Scratches Worse

When a hydrophobic ceramic coating can't shed the beads of water it forms, all sorts of damage can arise. Beads can dry into water spots that stain or etch. Acid rain beads can etch and contaminate your coating. Static water beads can even make your ceramic coating scratch! Or get scratched, to be more specific. Here's the logic: When you've got Read More

Behind the Scenes: Applying Matte Paint Coating Pro to a 2019 G-Wagen

Last week the crew at FFIILLMM, LLC came out to Dr. Beasley's HQ to capture us applying Dr. Beasley's Matte Paint Coating Pro to a customer's 2019 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG in designo Night Black Magno. This G-Wagen was an absolute beauty, so we made sure to get plenty of behind-the-scenes shots along the way. Upon delivery, we immediately Read More

$121,000 1994 Toyota Supra

Ceramic Coating The World’s Most Expensive 1994 Supra

Early 90s Toyota Supra's have something of a cult following these days. Maybe it's the 1993 Supra Paul Walker drove in The Fast and the Furious. Maybe it's their reputation as top-notch race cars. Or maybe they just look really cool! Either way, well-maintained '94 Supra's fetch far beyond what you'd think on the used market, regularly going for Read More

How Water Spots Get Etched Into Paint

We've outlined to a great extent just how water beads resting on your finish dry into water spots that stain and etch your paint. But etching isn't caused by water spots alone—insect remains, bird droppings and acid rain can all etch your finish as well. So how exactly does an etch occur? We're going to get into the science of it here, using the Read More

How to remove water spots on a car

The Best Ways To Remove Water Spots

Water spots caused by idle beads of water can seriously wreck your finish. That's just one of the many reasons why beads are bad. We talked about how to prevent water spots on a car in our last article, but to recap: the best way to avoid a water spot is to get a ceramic coating that sheds beads easily. After all, no beads = no water spots. But Read More

Learn how to stop water spots on a car and avoid having this happen to you.

5 Ways To Keep Water Spots Off Your Finish

As we've explained in past articles, static water beads can dry into water spots that can permanently stain and even etch through your finish. At that point you'll need some machine buffing to get them off, which often means you're either shaving off precious clear coat or wearing down your coating to the point where you'll need to re-apply. Not Read More

Whether your coating creates harmful, static beads is a big part of how to choose a ceramic coating.

How Water Beads Can Kill Your Coating

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Beads Are Bad. Static water beads, that is. We know, they look cool, and they help you know how to choose a ceramic coating. But if beads aren't rolling off your car, your coating will end up looking pretty terrible, which means you'll need to have it buffed off and replaced—not cheap. But what is it Read More

What causes water spots on car

What Causes Water Spots On Cars?

If you've ever owned a car, you've seen a water spot. Small, white-ish stains on your otherwise immaculate finish, they leave many asking just what causes water spots on cars. Simply put, they come from beads of water resting on your paint, which dry and leave behind a residue. That's why it's so important to have a ceramic coating that will either Read More

Which Kind Of Car Wash Is Best For Your Finish?

Just like there's more than one way to cook an egg, there's many types of car washes. But don't take that to mean all washing methods are equal—far from it. Each one comes with its own set of upsides and downsides. Those pros and cons, however, aren't always clear. That's why we're here run down every wash method, distilling the good and bad to Read More

The Beginner’s Guide To Matte Paint Care: Do’s and Don’ts

Wondering how you go about taking care of matte paint? You’re in luck. We're partnering with a major OEM to include a Dr. Beasley's Matte Paint Prescription with every one of their new factory matte painted vehicles, part of which includes a beginner's guide to matte paint care. In the spirit of spreading car care knowledge, we’ve reproduced Read More