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Don’t Let Bugs Ruin Your Car’s Paint

New Car Care Kit Provides Protective Coating, Forming a Shield Against Bugs, Rock Chips & Bird Droppings!




Chicago, IL (November 5,2010) – There’s nothing more frustrating than taking your beautifully clean car for a drive and returning home to find it covered with bugs. Even more annoying is trying to remove them!  Jim Lafeber can relate.  As founder of Simon’s Shine Shop, an award-winning hand carwash and detailing center located in Chicago (named for his beloved, and super-shedding Alaskan Malamute Simon), Jim has seen the destructive and “buggy” results first-hand.    


“Bugs can absolutely destroy the surface of a car,” says Lafeber. “Left on the vehicle, even for a short period of time, the acids and fats from a bug’s body can etch into the paint surface, causing changes in paint color and dullness to the finish,” he adds. “Unfortunately, the chemicals that are present in an insect’s remains can make the spot very hard to remove without damaging the car at the same time.  It’s definitely a problem.”


Determined to find a solution, and not satisfied with the products he was using at Simon’s Shine Shop, Jim began talking to experts, chemists and car enthusiasts to create his own line of premier car cleaning and detailing products, including a kit to combat bugs. He began using the new formulations in his shop and the results were phenomenal. Not only did Jim see a marked improvement, but his customers noticed as well.     


Now, Jim is launching yet another dog-inspired business. But this one, which is named for his second Alaskan Malamute, Beasley (aka Dr. Beasley!), offers a complete line of “prescription-strength,” environmentally friendly, do-it-yourself car care products for people to use at home.  


“The Bug Barrier Prescription, which includes our specially formulated Insect Remover and Bug Barrier spray, is a definite customer favorite,” says Jim. “Our insect remover features a unique, non abrasive solvent that works to soften caked on bugs and residue, so they are easily rinsed away,” he says.  “And our revolutionary Bug Barrier spray is a scientific breakthrough that actually forms a protective coating for the car’s hood, grille, back of both side mirrors and the lower fascia.  Bugs will not adhere to the car’s surface…they seem to slide right off!” 


The Dr. Beasley’s Bug Barrier Prescription also includes an Exterior pH Neutralizer, which prepares the car’s exterior for optimal protection, 1 bug sponge, and 2 microfiber towels.  “Once you’ve used our Bug Barrier Prescription, you’ll no longer be bugged by bugs!”


“I really had no intention of creating a car care product line for personal use,” continues Jim, whose customers encouraged him to make his cleaning and detailing products available to the general public. “It was my customers who persuaded me to package and sell my concoctions,” he says.  


Dr. Beasley’s line is different than those of most other detailing manufacturers. Dr. Beasley's products not only clean, but they are specifically formulated to conserve and protect your automobile’s surfaces. They specially formulate all of their detailing products to be readily biodegradable, non-toxic & non-corrosive, and recyclable to support a healthy environment. Items are sold separately or in specialized kits, including the Bug Barrier Prescription, one of Dr. Beasley's most popular.


The all inclusive Bug Barrier kit is $75. It is available at Simon’s Shine Shop (1439 W. Shakespeare Avenue, Chicago) or can be conveniently purchased on line at  For more information about Bug Barrier and other Dr. Beasley’s car care “prescriptions,” please call 773-404-1600.     


About Dr. Beasley’s

Dr. Beasley’s is a technology based company specializing in high quality cleaning and protection car care products that restore and preserve a vehicle’s surfaces. With years of professional automotive detailing and custom formulating experience, Dr. Beasley’s manufactures safe, environmentally friendly, biodegradable detailing products and car care solutions to maximize the life of your investment. Dr. Beasley’s unique 3-step auto detailing process (CleanPrep, Protect) assists do-it-yourselfers in rejuvenating, restoring, and protecting all areas of the car. Dr. Beasley’s goal is to help you get your vehicle looking better than new. With the Dr. Beasley’s advantage and “prescription strength” formulas, the company doesn’t t just focus on restoration; it aims towards preventing surface damage from occurring in the first place.  Together with Dr. Beasley's, you can appreciate and maintain your vehicle's true lustrous shine for many years to come.


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