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Canine Collection

Owner of Award-Winning Car Wash Develops “Canine Collection” Car Care Kit 



Chicago, IL (November 3, 2010) – If you’re like most dog lovers, your “best friend” goes everywhere you go.  So you know how challenging it can be to get the car clean after a drive with your beloved pooch. Shedding hair, dirty paw prints, saliva stains on the console, and smudges on the windows from your pup’s wet nose can all make cleaning the car a dreaded chore.


Jim Lafeber, founder of Dr. Beasley’s car care products, can relate as dog lover himself. He and his wife Nikki are the proud owners of two very large, very furry Alaskan Malamutes. It was their endless need to keep their cars clean that led them to open Simon’s Shine Shop in 2004, an award-winning hand car wash and detailing center in Chicago - named after one of their Malamutes, Simon.


Six years later, Jim is launching yet another dog-inspired business. Dr. Beasley's, which is named for his second Alaskan Malamute, Beasley (aka Dr. Beasley), offers a complete line of “prescription-strength,” earth friendly, do-it-yourself car care products for people to use at home.     


“I really had no intention of creating a car care product line for personal use,” explains Jim, whose customers encouraged him to make his cleaning and detailing products available to the general public. “It was my customers, especially the ones with dogs, who persuaded me to package and sell my concoctions,” he says.  


Dr. Beasley’s product line features everything needed to thoroughly detail your car inside and out. Made in the USA and readily biodegradable, Dr. Beasley's products are not tested on animals and are environmentally safe.  In addition to 30+ products, Dr. Beasley’s also features a variety of scents and accessories to get the job done right including soft cloths, brushes and towels. Items are sold separately or in specialized kits, such as the Canine Collection, one of Jim’s most popular products.


“The Canine Collection is a definite customer favorite,” says Jim. “As we dog owners know, muddy paw prints and tufts of fur are two of the toughest things to clean from the car,” he explains.  “Our Canine Collection kit has everything needed to make the inside of the car look like new.” 


Included in the Canine Collection are Dr. Beasley’s prescription-strength Interior pH Neutralizer, an Interior Cleanser (which is ideal for cleaning the center console, the dashboard, and lifting saliva stains and paw prints from the seats), and the Glass Cleanser, which effortlessly removes your pup’s wet nose residue from the windows. The kit also includes a professional strength pet hair remover brush, a horsehair brush, glass cloths, microfiber towels, and a carpet stone.


“Dog owners, especially, appreciate our carpet stone,” explains Jim. “Because of its coarse texture, it actually lifts the pet hair from the carpet as you rub it along the surface,” he adds. “Once you’ve used our Canine Collection kit, all signs of Fido will be gone.”  


The all inclusive Canine Collection is $99.99. It is available at Simon’s Shine Shop (1439 W. Shakespeare Avenue, Chicago) or can be conveniently purchased on line at  For more information about the Canine Collection and other Dr. Beasley’s car care “prescriptions,” please call 773-404-1600.       


A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Dr. Beasley’s Canine Collection will be donated to Tails of Hope, a no-kill, non-profit animal rescue and adoption organization, whose mission is to help the elderly, chronically ill, and terminally ill find new homes for their beloved pets; Paws Chicago, the city’s largest no-kill humane organization, focused on implementing solutions to end the killing of homeless pets.


About Dr. Beasley’s

Dr. Beasley’s is a technology based company specializing in high quality cleaning and protection car care products that restore and preserve a vehicle’s surfaces. With years of professional automotive detailing and custom formulating experience, Dr. Beasley’s manufactures safe, environmentally friendly, biodegradable detailing products and car care solutions to maximize the life of your investment. Dr. Beasley’s unique 3-step auto detailing process (CleanPrep, Protect) assists do-it-yourselfers in rejuvenating, restoring, and protecting all areas of the car. Dr. Beasley’s goal is to help you get your vehicle looking better than new. With the Dr. Beasley’s advantage and “prescription strength” formulas, the company doesn’t t just focus on restoration; it aims towards preventing surface damage from occurring in the first place.  Together with Dr. Beasley's, you can appreciate and maintain your vehicle's true lustrous shine for many years to come.


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