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Glass Serum Press Release

Dr. Beasley’s Releases Scratch Resistant Liquid Coating


Chicago, IL (January 10, 2014) -- Dr. Beasley’s, maker of high end auto detailing products, has developed a new product called Glass Serum which protects glass surfaces against scratches, etching, pitting, and stains. Glass Serum is hydrophobic so water, dirt, and oils will not adhere to glass surfaces. Glass Serum will bond to any glass surface including smartphones, tablets, glass furniture, and automotive glass. Glass Serum is available for consumer use and can be purchased at


Glass Serum doesn’t just protect from scratches, but actually improves visibility and clarity over bare glass surfaces. This means that eyeglasses, camera lenses, windshields, smartphone screens, and any other glass surfaces where clarity is essential will instantly benefit from an application of Glass Serum.


Glass Serum was formulated to be an easy application product - apply to the surface, let dry, and wipe off. This application process makes it easier to use than plastic screen protectors, and it will not inhibit screen clarity and visibility. Even the “scratch resistant” glass surfaces you find on smartphones and tablets can get nicked up and scratched. Glass Serum will adhere to these surfaces to prevent the day to day wear that consumer products inevitably experience.


“What many people don’t know is that over time glass surfaces develop microscopic scratches and chips in them which weaken the glass surface over time,” said Jim Lafeber, President and Founder of Dr. Beasley’s. “If you look at your phone with a microscope you’ll see a whole world of scratches that you’ve never noticed before. Every one of these scratches is doing its part in weakening the integrity of the screen. Eventually even a slight jolt can cause the screen to break if there are enough of these microscratches in the surface.”


Lafeber continues, “When protected with Glass Serum these microscratches won’t occur, so not only will you have a perfect looking display, but the longevity of the device will be extended as well.”


Glass Serum is available now through and


About Dr. Beasley’s

Dr. Beasley’s is bringing the best detailing experience to automobile enthusiasts, professional detailers, body shop businesses, and consumers around the world through its innovative products. All of Dr. Beasley’s detailing products are safe, environmentally friendly, and readily biodegradable without compromising on performance. Dr. Beasley’s products are designed, developed, tested and manufactured in Chicago, IL. Dr. Beasley’s also operates and tests products through its hands on working laboratory called Simon’s Shine Shop