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ICON Press Release

Dr. Beasley's Inks Partnership With Restomod Specialists ICON 4x4


Chicago, IL (April 1, 2014) ― Chicago’s Dr. Beasley’s, maker of high-end automotive appearance products is partnering with California’s ICON, to provide Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Prescription kits with every new ICON they sell. The agreement comes after ICON extensively tested and experimented with a variety of products to find the safest and most effective solution for cleaning and protecting the durable powder-coated matte finish used exclusively on ICON’s custom restomod vehicles.


The partnership also marks an “iconic” time for Dr. Beasley’s, who is actively rolling out an entire line of innovative and environmentally friendly detailing products for automobile enthusiasts, professional detailers, body shops, and consumers around the world. 


ICON, based out of Los Angeles, bridges the classic look of trucks and some vintage automobiles with modern performance to produce a fleet of vehicles simply known as ICONs. These highly customized “bespoke vehicles” integrate modern technology for the sake of performance, comfort, and safety, around the timeless appearance of an iconic vintage vehicle body style of choice. 


According to ICON founder Jonathan Ward, Dr. Beasley’s and ICON share a similar business ethic when it comes to developing a product for a customer. “Stopping at some point when things get tough and throwing up your arms and saying, ‘That’s good enough’, just doesn’t cut it with Jim’s company any more than it does with ICON,” Ward says. “Throughout the development and testing phase of the new matte paint product, Jim and his team were willing to challenge the status quo in order to get us the best product for our needs. That is the same philosophy we have when we build an ICON for a customer.”


“Jonathan Ward is a revolutionary and overall authority figure in the custom build world,” says Dr. Beasley’s founder Jim Lafeber. “This is an exciting partnership for us because restoration and restomod builders have needed a prescription for matte paint that is as durable and long lasting as today’s gloss finish products – without the gloss. Our team developed this premium line of paint care products with our Matte Surface Science Technology, and all of the products are wax and silicone free in order to address ICON’s matte paint needs.”


Each Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Prescription kit, valued at $215, includes Matte Body Wash, Matte Paint Cleanser, Matte Paint Sealant, Matte Final Finish, and all the accessories needed to take care of a matte finish.


Designed, developed, tested, and manufactured in Chicago, IL, Dr. Beasley’s has several product lines designed to offer the best detailing experience possible without compromising performance. They also operate and test products through its hands-on working laboratory called Simon’s Shine Shop.


For more information about this exciting new partnership between Chicago’s premier automotive car care specialists and ICON, contact Andrew Donovan at (773) 404-1600 or visit our website at