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Leather Lock Press Release

Dr. Beasley's Launches Hydrophobic Leather Coating


Chicago, IL (May 7, 2014) ― Dr. Beasley’s, Chicago’s foremost innovator of professional-grade detailing products for the automotive appearance market introduces Leather Lock, a new hydrophobic leather coating designed to bead water and other spilled liquids so it can be easily swiped or dabbed up off the leather surface rather than being absorbed into the leather. Leather Lock utilizes fluoropolymers to produce a hydrophobic barrier on leather surfaces, forcing water, oil, and alcohol to bead up while also letting in air so the leather can “breathe”, keeping your leather healthy, and moisturized.

Designed for the automotive detailing market for use on your seats, dash, door panels, and other automotive leather surfaces, Leather Lock covers leather with a net-like polymer structure that resists spills and stains on any top-coated leather making it safe to use on leather furniture, shoes, bags, and other household items.

“Leather conditioners do a great job at keeping leather soft and healthy, but they don’t prevent coffee from staining your center console, or from soaking into the fibers of your leather seats causing the area to shrink, crack, or lose its shape,” says Dr. Beasley’s founder, Jim Lafeber. “We wanted something that would make spills a nonissue by ‘locking in’ the condition of your leather and forcing any liquid to bead off while repelling dirt and other contaminants away from the surface." 

Leather Lock lasts up to three years on undisturbed surfaces and more than a year in high traffic areas like your driver’s seat where the abrasion-resistant formula prevents it from rubbing off when sliding in and out of your car. Combined with a good leather conditioner like Dr. Beasley’s Leather Cream, your leather will remain soft and supple.


About Dr. Beasley’s: Dr. Beasley’s brings to automobile enthusiasts, professional detailers, body shops, and consumers around the world, the best detailing experience possible using innovative products. All of Dr. Beasley’s detailing products are safe, environmentally friendly, and readily biodegradable without compromising performance; and they implement green manufacturing processes. Designed, developed, tested, and manufactured in Chicago, IL, Dr. Beasley’s also operates and tests products through its hands-on working laboratory called Simon’s Shine Shop.

For more information concerning the launch of this product, contact Andrew Donovan at (773) 404-1600 or visit the Dr. Beasley’s website at