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Matte Finish FAQ

Ask the Doctor...


Why can’t I wax/polish my matte car?

What makes matte paint appear flat is its unique texture that scatters light rather than reflecting it specularly (like a mirror or glossy car). Wax fills this dimpled texture, which would gradually add a shine to your flat paint. If you polish, you’re essentially smoothing these minor imperfections that give you the matte effect. Read more.

Does matte paint have a clear coat?

It depends. Typically, yes, however since a significant majority of matte cars are aftermarket, it’s tough to say. All factory matte paint finishes such as Designo Magno by Mercedes, Frozen by BMW, and other options from manufactures such as Hyundai, Lamborghini, Audi, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce will have clear coated matte finishes. That said, our products are formulated to work on all flat finishes including single stage paints and vinyl wraps.

What should flat paint be washed with?

Matte Body Wash is formulated to even the natural sheen of flat paint without adding gloss. There are no silicones, fillers, or waxes. Do not use degreasers or dish soaps, as these are designed to strip things from the surface - meaning you'll lose any protection you've applied.

Can the same products be used on matte wraps?

Absolutely. All of our matte car care products are designed to provide excellent results on wraps, factory, and even aftermarket matte paint finishes.

Will my matte finish get swirl marks?

Due to matte paint’s unique ability to diffuse light, swirl marks and holograms are visibly nonexistent on matte paint. Additionally, swirl marks are caused by a machine (buffer, car wash, etc.) - something you should never put near matte paint. Matte paint is actually much more durable and long lasting than glossy paint for this very reason. You don't need to constantly polish, buff, worry about scratches, etc. with a matte car.

Can I take my matte car to the car wash?

Although washing yourself is the absolute best way to care for your matte finish, you can go to a reputable hand car wash and they shouldn’t have an issue using Matte Body Wash (if you or they have it on hand). Unfortunately, some car washes won’t have matte car wash soaps available for washing, so make sure to check beforehand. At the same time, never ever take your matte car to an automatic car wash - even if it says "touchless" or "touch less." These washes use highly caustic chemicals that strip protective sealants and are terrible for your clear coat or wrap.

What happens if I get a scratch?

If you get a scratch on your matte car, you will need touch up paint. Most manufacturers can provide this at very little cost. Since you cannot polish the paint, the best way to avoid scratches is to protect the car and keep it protected at all times using Matte Paint Sealant. We are currently developing a solution to cover-up scratches in matte paint.

How often should I protect my matte finish?

Matte Paint Sealant lasts 6-9 months depending on weather conditions and driving habits. You should be able to protect twice a year and be fine. If, however, you wash frequently or live in climates with wacky weather, you may want to reapply once every 4 months or so. Again, it’s a sliding scale and really depends how well you maintain the finish between applications.

Will bird droppings ruin the finish?

They shouldn’t. Like any contaminant, bird droppings should be removed as soon as possible with Matte Final Finish. Where you run into issues is when these substances are allowed to dry and cake on the surface for an extended amount of time. For these situations, if the contaminant hasn't etched the paint yet, Matte Paint Sealant will help to easily remove things like overspray, stuck on bugs or bird droppings, sap, and more.

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